Number of Archangels

How do we as Catholics know that Sts Gabriel and Raphael are also archangels because St Michael is the only one mentioned in the Bible as an archangel?


We don’t. It’s a pious tradition (little “t”). It is not a teaching of the Church Magesterium.

I don’t dispute that that is possible, in fact it is probable, but do you have any source for that?

St. Raphael refers to himself, in the Book of Tobit, as one of the seven who stand before God. That has often been taken to refer to a group of seven archangels (though we only know the names of those three).


Actually, we know the name Uriel (also regarded as an Archangel) from the Book of Tobit.

During a recent Confirmation mass, a young man had chosen St. Michael as his saint, and the bishop (he likes to call the youngsters up and question them about their saints :smiley: ) told us about the seven archangels, and he did know their names. I remember that he said we know they’re archangels because their names all end in “-el” but I don’t remember all the names. He never mentioned where he learned them, and I never got a chance to ask him either.

edit: Google is a wonderful thing…
“The very first mention of the seven archangels as a distinct group, is in the Book of Enoch, or simply Enoch I. The book is non-canonical in Judaism, as well as most Christian churches, however the reference is quoted in the New Testament book of Jude Chapter 1, verses14 through15. In the book of Enoch the seven archangels are mentioned by name, as Michael, Raphael, Zerachiel, Gabriel, Uriel, Remiel, and finally Raguel. … The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is the only church that considers the Book of Enoch to be canonical, so within their denomination there is no confusion regarding the names of the seven archangels.”

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