Number of Catholics Up, Clergy up Over the Past Year

** 2008 2009
Catholics 67 million to 68 million +1 million
Priests 41,406 to 41,489 +83
Deacons 16,408 to 16,935 +527

TOTAL NUMBER OF PRIESTS WORLDWIDE stands at 408,000. That’s one priest for every 2,800 Catholics.

Priests are growing as well as the Catholic faith. They are growing in Oceania, Africa, Asia, Americas, and Europe**

Source:Kennedy Directory 2009 CNS

Is the 68 mil in the US?
Good news though.

That’s beautiful to hear, now lets roll up our sleeves and get those 68 million to Live their Catholic Faith, but great step in the right direction!

I understand the number of seminarians is at its highest since the 1960’s.


Excellent! now let’s just hope they are being taught properly also! and not erroneously! :gopray2::highprayer:

But hey…does that figure tell something that new born Catholics add up to it?

But of course, growing up number for priests and deacon is really good news.

How many of them practice their faith and adhere to the teachings of the CC? Many Catholics these days who do not practice their religious duties, are too liberal and are at odds with the teachings of the Catholic Church? Fr. Corapi said once that if Catholics remain obedient to the Church’s teachings, they would change the world the way God envision it.

I love the priests. I have always said this. They are the umbilical cord to God. Maybe, especially in this country, they need a shot in the arm, both spiritually and emotionally, because we have been taking it on the chin for a number of years.
But, they are so devoted and just give up their whole lives for God. I love that my church, the Catholic church has such holiness. After all, Christ was holy. :gopray2:

Praise God for the men who are devoting their life to the priesthood. With all the negative press on priests and all the lures of this world, you would think that in 2009 those seminaries would be empty. Yet God provides for us in every age!

:extrahappy:Yes! the Catholic church just keeps standing! Thank you Lord!

no offense to numbers of religious statistics but like all religions when asked people checkmark a religion they may believe they are but not practice so really numbers are not accorat when it comes to religion. IF they were all practicing then it would make more sense.

Yep. There’s always lies, damn lies and statistics.

Do 1,146,000,000 catholics go to mass every Sunday? I seriously doubt it.

Are more than a billion people in total unity with the church as all she teaches. No way. Just look around.

As been said many times here if you’r not in hook line and sinker, you’re not a catholic.

On that basis, I don’t think there’s anywhere near a billion catholics in the world.

Tick boxes and slips of baptisimal papers may be piling up - but that doesn’t mean people are catholics.

And you and OTCA agree on something. Will wonders never cease. :wink:

I disagree, though. Someone might not be a “practicing” Catholic, but they are the religion they say they are. I know more Jews who don’t go to temple than I do Jews who do. They’re all Jews if that’s how they identify themselves. It’s not up to other people to decide what religion a person is. I suppose you could say that those people aren’t very good Jews (or Catholics or Methodists, etc). People love to make comparisons. When they can find someone who is not as “good” at something as they are, they’re all over it. I’ve even seen Catholics say that those who go to Church only once a week are just meeting the rules/going through the motions. It’s a really unattractive human trait, this competitiveness, don’t you think?

If someone says he’s a democrat but he only votes in the “big” elections, who am I to say that he’s not really a democrat?

Well actually there is some truth to this. There are OVER a Billion Catholics. Just over 1.5 Billion and keeps on growing. I expected these non-Catholic Christians here with these kinds of negative responses. even the resources we get this from are pretty accurate, yet we’ll here the same old "numbers are wrong, not many attend Mass, please…it gets old after a while.
There are less than 500 million Protestants in the world and hardly anyone of them attend their assembly halls either.

People can have an overall leaning towards a political party, not fully subscribe to everything it’s currently touting but still vote for than party without being a hypocrit.

But you cant, in my opinon, call yourself a catholic, without fully signing up for everything, without exception, that it entails. No exemptions, no negotiated settlements, no laisse fare attitude to this or that.

Thats just my opinion. And on that basis there is nowhere near a billion catholics in the world. Statistically, maybe, but not such that Fr. Pacwa would recognise :smiley:

I have got another problem with the stats:

The number of catholics per priests has grown. And that’s something we have to worry about, because if the number of catholics grows, the number of priests should grow (at least) to the same extent.

That’s wonderful news!! :smiley:

So what’s the problem?

Not only that, but the figures are worse than they were 3 years ago in 2006.


It bears out my point that simply calling yourself a catholic and ticking a box doesnt make you a catholic. From the above article of 2006, while the catholic population grew by more than a million, (there’s actually less catholics now than 3 years ago) the number of

catholic teachers - down 8000

students enrolled in parish religious ed programs - down 26,000

marriages down 11,000

First Communions down 40,000

Children receiving faith formation down 204,000

Confirmation down 15,000

Infant baptisism down 34,000

The 1983 directory, which listed 18,839 parishes, reported a Catholic population of almost 52.1 million, or one parish per 2,765 Catholics. The figures in the 2006 directory indicate the ratio has now grown to one parish per 3,640 Catholics.

I wonder what the figures are for 2009? Anyone got a referrence? If the same pattern has continued, the number of human beings alive that call themselves catholic means next to nothing. Increased population would be disguising a very bleak picture indeed.

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