Number of God-Believing Canadians Drops 13 Percent

Canadians who believe in God dropped 13 percent within a nine year time span, between 2000 and 2009, according to a new survey.

The number of Canadian believers in God is 71 percent, down from 84 percent in 2000, a survey conducted by Ipsos Reid from March 31 to April 2 found, reported Canwest News Service.

Among males, the number of those believing in God dropped from 86 percent to 63 percent over the time period, while among women the decrease was less dramatic - from 82 percent to 79 percent.

Yet in spite of the decrease, the majority of Canadians, including nearly half of those who don’t believe in God, think that Canada is “essentially a Christian nation,” according to the Edmonton Journal.

The survey found about six in ten Canadians (58 percent) described the country as Christian. The number includes 61 percent of those who believe in God, and 48 percent of non-believers.

Results are based on phone interviews with a random sample of 1,000 Canadians by Ipsos Reid.

This survey doesn’t mean that they have become atheists,does it? I mean the ‘No religious Affiliation’ category has a whole range of beliefs. From agnostics, to deists, pantheists, atheists etc.

And how reliable are these kind of statistics? How does surveying a thousand people tell you about the rest of the Populations’ beliefs?

And why have approx. 13 percent of people stopped believing in God in Canada, since the last survey in 2000?

Is atheism growing worldwide, or is staying pretty much at the same level? What do the statistics say?

they had a similar finding here in the USA. i think 70% of that change said they believed in God, a large number thought Jesus was the Son of God, and almost half prayed once a month.

personally it looks to me like manipulated stats to show a drop when it should be more of a shift in what they believe over believing or not.

Only 1000 people were polled-hardly a conclusive study.I’m actually surprised that that many believe in God at all what with the cancer of secularism rooted so deeply in all of our institutions.

My son was recently confirmed.His confirmation class consisted of around thirty young people.FIVE repeat FIVE attend mass regularly.Why don’t the others?Because their parents are classic CINO’s.There are supposed to be 1Billion+ Catholics in this world.How many are Faithful?100 million?What a joke.There is a mere remnant of Catholic and non-Catholic Christians in this world today.

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