Number of mentally ill patients killed by euthanasia in Holland trebles in a year as doctors warn assisted suicide is 'out of control'


The number of mentally-ill patients killed by euthanasia in Holland has trebled in the space of a year, new figures have revealed.

In 2013, a total of 42 people with ‘severe psychiatric problems’ were killed by lethal injection compared to 14 in 2012 and 13 in 2011.


As a licensed mental health clinician; I can hardly wrap my brain about how awful this is.

It makes me so :mad:


Disgusting, but not surprising.
May God have mercy on us.


Very sad indeed.


They’ve opened Pandora’s Box.

Kyrie eleison!


Assisted suicide is bad enough, but for patients who, by definition, have mental problems?
Ridiculous, makes no sense!


I imagine National Socialist Germany called it something similar when they killed their vulnerable.

How saddening, and disgusting.

As said before,Kyrie Eleison.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


When the principle of a human life being inherently valuable from conception until its natural end is abandoned, society faces the task of deciding which human lives are instrumentally good.
The arguments have been made that fetuses are parasites, and if this is a literal truth of the relationship between a fetus and her mother, this is metaphorically true of anyone who is a net user of the welfare state.

Albert Camus, in his absurd world without God, considered suicide to be the most pressing of questions. If any answer to why chose to live becomes absurd to answer in the affirmative, how much more so must this be the case for people deemed to be parasites?
Nancy Pelosi patted herself on the back for how birth control would be a cost saving measure, as it would save parasites being born in the first place.


Aren’t people who are diagnosed as mentally ill deemed incapable of consent under law?


Yes, it is. These cases could be referred for prosecution if they haven’t been already.


This lack of respect for the God-given sanctity of life is absolutely appalling! :mad:


Sounds like Hitler never left Europe.


Oh its coming here in the US too, they have a plan for all the baby boomers unfolding too. My plan is to make friends with the pain and suffering so their plan becomes “void”. The pain and suffering is redeemable the euthanasia isn’t. Jesus won’t give you more than you can handle, Jesus I trust in YOU!.


“Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” ~George Santayana

Sad. Just, SAD. :frowning:


It’s already here. It’s just not talked about in the same way.


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