Number of Scottish Catholics on the rise

The 2011 census of Scotland, released today, shows that the number of Catholics in the country is growing.

Sixteen per cent of the population identified as Catholics, the same as the last census in 2001, but the growing population means there are 37,000 more Catholics in Scotland than a decade ago.



Thanks Scotland. We need more of ya.:thumbsup:

Interesting. Do we know whether the population growth, including the growth in the number of Catholics, is from having children or from people moving into the region?

Excellent news :smiley:

The reason the number of Scottish Catholics is on the rise: When you have four Scottish Catholics…they always seem to have a fifth:D

Oh come on…really? Not even a little giggle?:confused:


I wonder how long they will last in our disaster of a Scottish Church?

Badly catechized and soon to be as secular as the rest of the nation.

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