Number of vasectomies in England falls 64% in 10 years


Vasectomies appear to have gone dramatically out of fashion, with a decline of 64% in the number of men undergoing the procedure within the last 10 years, leaving women once more shouldering the responsibility for contraception.

But the reasons for the apparent shift are complex, say experts. Part of it is bad publicity, with many men seemingly put off by scare stories about pain and unfounded worries about the implications for their sex lives, but there are also concerns that NHS funding for the procedure may be slipping away.

In 2004-5, there were 31,216 vasectomies carried out in England, but in 2014-15, that fell to just 11,113 according to NHS Digital. Image is definitely an issue, according to Genevieve Edwards of Marie Stopes, who says “the snip” is an offputting misnomer. “That is not what happens. If you were going to launch vasectomy as a product, you wouldn’t start there,” she said.

“People worry massively and have lots of misconceptions about it – how painful it is, the impact on their sex life, whether they will still have orgasms. People are really confused about it.”

The perceptions lag behind the reality, Edwards said. “There is no snipping at all. It is a 15-minute procedure with lots of anaesthetic and Bob’s your uncle.”



I know of someone personally who admitted that getting a vasectomy was more emotionally burdensome than he realized. He later desired more children but was unable to (without going through a surgical reversal). Not sure if he regrets his decision. I only provide antedotal evidence based on conversations I’ve had with others.


Maybe they watched Children of Men, which came out in 2006. :wink:


It’s simple really. All the Englishmen have already been sterilized and the virile Moslem immigrants do not want the procedure.


Always the men not taking responsibitity … what WOULD they do if they had to give birth?


Maybe neither man nor woman contracepting would quickly escalate mutual responsibility? See, one reason contraception never made sense to my husband was because it was such a cop-out for men, and enables using other people. (Mere consent doesn’t mean people aren’t being used.) I respect his opinion on this matter, because he wasn’t Catholic, wasn’t raised to think contraception wrong, and he didn’t hear that opinion from his crowd. He reasoned his way to it, in college! Truly a mystifying person when I stumbled across him.


They would be women then.

I am pretty sure it takes two people to make a baby, and women have always had a broader range of options. I am looking forward to Vasalgel. An easily reversible yet effective long term contraceptive option that women cannot affect will have some very interesting effects on gender relations. :hmmm:


Vacetomy is not a benigh procedure without side effects
Cysts and fluid buildup are a very common side effect .
Plus reversal is almost impossible
If the Cysts are bad enough it could require surgery and even removal of the teste.

Also the Phyological implications could destroy a marraige

When you do things that are unnatural you never know the ramifications


Great! :slight_smile: Finally some GOOD news for a change! :thumbsup:


The very thought of a vasectomy makes me shudder with fear :eek:

It always has done, any tampering with “down there” is distasteful to me in the extreme. I’m very happy to have my fertility as God intended, thank you very much.


I find it interesting that you juxtapose Englishmen (an ethnicity/nationality) with Islam. Why did you choose that term instead of, say, atheists or Christians? Do you have a conception of Muslims that could include people who are ethnically English, or is it that your conception of Muslims only includes those who aren’t white?

“It isn’t racist to criticize Islam! It isn’t a race! Still, we can’t have those frightening virile Muslims overtake the strong ethnically pure Englishman.”

I wouldn’t worry if I were you. Statistically, successive generations from Muslims that immigrate to European countries tend to adopt the more standard birth rates of those countries as they develop to the living standards there, along with all the other cultural/social norms. There is a correlation between poverty and high birth rates, but it isn’t so much a directly ideological thing.


wondering what impact this has on the abortion rate in the UK which is appallingly high.


Do you want a list of the traumas of child bearing? For nine months…

In India, where they are trying to reduce the birth rate, the men refuse to do anything, while the women are forced to have hysterectomies and then are laid out in a field to “recover” … or not


What you refer to as “responsibility” we call “sin” in the Catholic Church. Why would we want to encourage vasectomies?


Well, there seems to be a sudden uptick in TFR between 2009 & 2010, so I guess it makes a difference.

But assuming immigration is driving it, it will go back to normal in a generation or so.


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