Numerology and Pagan Symbols


This is a spinoff from the Monstrance thread in the Apologetics Forum. I did not want to threadjack, so I started this up.

What I want to find are some of the most egregious claims of pagan practices in the Church, and the supposedly occult or heathen origins of same. Some groups are rather fond of using numerology to find the ‘hidden meanings’ behind rather innocent Catholic practices, so these numerological triumphs of reasoning are also sought.

I’ll see what I can dig up. Feel free to post your own!


Severinus, surely you’re one of those pagan Papists, like Fr. Chick…just look at your name:

Sev==like** seven**, but not completely seven, therefore not perfect…so it must be…um…6[size=2]

er==like error, since all of the Romish Church is in error, clearly since it already bears the mark of the beast, this too equals 6

[size=2]inus==sort of like Linus[/size], the supposed “second Pope” but really was the name of the pagan Roman High Priest of the Blue Shroud Which is Drug About the Ground, as depicted in this fool pagan idol…(i pray that all who see this won’t fall down and worship it, like those depraved pagans and their pagan statues and graven images…)
Look–he’s wearing that cap like the Papistbishops…” He’s even placing his thumb in his mouth!! Clearly, this **perversion **and **depravity ** is forbidden by the Second Commandment, even though I can’t remember how!! I can’t research that though, as this would violate the wholy biblical principle of using the Bible alone…maybe I’ll figure out my interpretation later…anyway, on a scale of one to ten, this part of your name gets a 6

[size=2]so your name is clearly a work of Satan himself. Repent of your evil ways, Jesuit!! Come back to the light!! [/size]


This page has a few winners:

My favorite is near the bottom. The table which adds up the numbers of REX LATINVS SACERDOS, which is supposed to mean “King of the Roman Priests.” I can tell you that it does not mean that. This is one of those rare finds of numerological crackpottery, wishful thinking, and complete ignorance of Latin. Quite impressive. :whacky:

Edward George:

I am most definitely not a Jesuit. Well, I wear black once in a while. Actually, quite often. And made a blood oath, but that’s just one of my things.

Ha! I can prove I’m not a Jesuit: I carry a Rosary and like Latin Masses!

So there! :stuck_out_tongue:


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