Nun dunks newsie with pitch


This is technically news, but it’s really more about Catholic life and catholic living out in the world.

And a lighter side we need more of. (and as a separate issue, it would probably get turned political in the news section . . .)

I still haven’t figured out how to make those block-thingies with links.

Anyway, the Catholic high school was the honoree for the game, and they sent a nun who had been pitching since a child for the first pitch. I didn’t clearly see why they had a newsie in the dunk tank, but the pitch is thrown at the target lever rather than out on the field.



Block thingy.

Just cut the URL from the address bar and paste it in the text box.

I’m envious of Sr. Mary Jo’s mad skillz. Could they get a more “patriotic” banner for the dunk tank? Flag, Eagle, AND Fireworks.
I thought Jesus getting a shout-out from the dunkee was cute.
We need more Jesus in our daily life like this.

(She didn’t get it in one try though, she threw about 9 times before she hit it. Must have been a tiny lever.)


Ah-hah! That was easy . . .


I don’t suppose you know how to set text to strikethrough . . .


There’s “blur spoiler” in settings, but idk about strikethrough.

If you ask these questions in Site Feedback, usually somebody comes along to tell you how, or tell you it can’t be done.


In Markdown, which works in CAF, you can use two tildes ~~ on either side of text to strike it through.


Thanks, I learned something today!






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