Nun In Uganda Has Educated 2,000 Girls Victimized By Joseph Kony

"Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe – the nun who threatened to punch Stephen Colbert in the face – doesn’t shy away from making bold statements to influential people.

Nyirumbe, the director of St. Monica’s Girls Tailoring Center, visited AOL Build on Monday to discuss how her school empowers young women who’ve been victimized by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda.

During the interview with Penny Abeywardena, commissioner of the N.Y.C. Mayor’s Office for International Affairs, Nyirumbe was asked about her upcoming meeting with Pope Francis, and if the educator wanted to get any one point across to the religious figure.

“You know, when we talk about gender-based violence, who are the ones suffering most? Women,” she answered. “Gender-based violence … the victims are mostly women … Let us all work very hard to end violence against women and children everywhere.”

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