Nun saves burning man with her habit

Nun saves burning man with her habit

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  A NUN saved a burning man from death by jumping on him - then smothering the flames with her habit.

Brave Sister Donatella Ciucciumei, 51, saw the elderly man douse himself in petrol in a street in San Severino Marche, in Italy.

She ran towards the 71-year-old as he raised a lit match to his body.
And as he was engulfed in flames, she jumped on top of him, spreading her habit to douse the flames.

The nun was unhurt and the man is recovering after sustaining second degree burns to most of his body.

Sister Donatella has visited daily to offer him counselling. Police said he was depressed because his wife left him.

Now that’s a nun! She may have saved the poor man’s soul as well as his life.
Good thing she was wearing a habit instead of civilian clothes.

Dousing yourself with petrol is a bad habit to get into.

How cool!

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