Nun who gave birth in Italy 'unaware of pregnancy'

A nun who gave birth to a baby boy in the central Italian city of Rieti, said she had no idea she was pregnant, local media report.

A strange story, but I’m sadly afraid that the explanation will turn out to be the usual one.

H. R. F. Keating had a good story, “The Miracle Baby”, which dealt with a similar situation.

Some women continue to menstruate during pregnancy and are either overweight and do not “show” or are not overweight and the baby sits in such a way that there is little or no “baby bump”. Of course, never underestimate the power of denial. She may have simply been in total denial the whole time.

I was on ABC when I got pregnant with my first and I always did have irregular cycles. I was about 4.5 months along before I finally figured out I may be pregnant and took a test.

A close friend of our family had 2 daughters and went in to her doctor to have a tubal ligation as she and her husband did not want more children. She got the shock of her life. She was about 7 months along when she went in for her pre-surgery check. She was a larger woman and never missed a menstrual cycle, so she had no clue. She thought she had just gained a few more pounds and that the rare baby movements were gas bubbles. She was safely delivered of a baby boy and he has thrived. :slight_smile:

My niece went to the doctor in January complaining of lower back pain and delivered my nephew (healthy, than God!) eight weeks later; her period never stopped and she felt fine. :shrug:

So the question… who’s the father and why did this nun break her vows of chastity (unless she was raped of course, but why not report this)?

My cousin had a baby while on birth control pills. She did have some of the symptoms of pregnancy, but she just attributed them to other causes because she was on birth control and of course, as we all know, birth control never fails. She was six and a half months along when she finally went to her doctor with severe cramps, concerned that she might have had gotten pregnant and had a miscarriage because of the pills. Fortunately, that was not the case and she ended up having her daughter the next day. I think many women who claim they didn’t know they were pregnant are probably just assuming they aren’t because they don’t realize that the pills don’t always work.

Was she aware of what caused it??? God Bless, Memaw

There is still a lot of shame about rape. People are afraid to come forward and don’t want to mentally re-live the incident when they tell people what happened. Yes, people do need to come forward not just for themselves but so the rapist can be caught and not hurt other people. But that is easier said than done.

Everyone is a sinner. Not everyone can live the vow of chastity perfectly, although everyone is called to it (abstinence outside of marriage, fidelity within marriage), not just religious. If the nun did break her vow, let’s hope she repents and doesn’t sin again.

Very true. Of course, if this was an unreported rape, the nun did not sin. In any case, I wish both the mother and the child good health and every success in life. I suspect it will not be easy for them.

Well said.

Strangely enough, this is a not too uncommon phenomenon. The Discovery channel even has a show about it, appropriately titled “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”. They’ve had some pretty interesting cases, although no stories about nuns…

no ones business :shrug:

If it was rape, it is the legal system’s ( at the very least) busines. :shrug: :slight_smile:

In case anyone’s concerned, the baby weighed in at 3.5 kilos, roughly 7.7 pounds.

The article pretty much spells it out

the new mom has “not been able to resist temptations

I hope she repents and works to overcome it and wish her and her child all the best.

The details are vague. There could still have been a coercive element involved, especially since the nun in question came from a foreign country. They both need our prayers. :slight_smile:

(By the way, good choice of name.) :smiley:

slander , calumny,detraction ,gossip :mad:

Probably, but in fairness, I don’t think that’s what the OP intended to do.

That’s what many were “reminded” of at the onset of their investigation/query into the scandals involving some priests! :mad:

and what doe’s this have to do with anything :rolleyes: :mad:

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