Nuncio urges US bishops: introduce youth to Christ and the saints [CWN]

Addressing the fall meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the apostolic nuncio called upon the bishops to introduce youth to Christ and the saints, especially …


The bishops :highprayer: could start by bringing back the statues of the saints back into the churches. I knew the saints displayed in the church by the time I was six. If the kids don’t see them, how are they to know them? Ditto for stain glass windows.

Back in the good ole days, kids were taught to pray, and to light a candle. Where are the candles? Where are the holy cards? Do they even pick a saint for confirmation?

When we passed a church and had the time, we always went in for a visit. And you never passed the church without blessing yourself.:signofcross: Of course, that was when the Tabernacle was on the main altar.

Let me add to this that I think priests should wear cassocks and/or the collar. It is nice to blend in but it is also comforting to be able to recognize a priest or religious:nun1: when walking about. Society needs it. And it wouldn’t hurt if lay people got in the habit of wearing a religious medal that can be seen. You never know what good purpose can come of someone seeing the medal around your neck.

And fifty years after all was taken away, they now wonder why? :shrug:

Maybe the nuncio could get in front of some youth and show everyone how it’s done.

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