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I was wondering if there is any particular order of nuns that has a great devotion to praising the Lord through music? Music is very important to me and it is one of the ways I often connect with God.

Thanks and God bless!


The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles.
Their “from Ephesus” series is wonderful.
Here’s some of their CD’s


I was going to mention them, as well.

I also like listening to the music of the Daughters of St. Paul. They have several CDs out. They have done some chant as well as some more contemporary music.

Here is a link to their website, where you can also about their history:

They have a media ministry. They have stores in different cities as well. Their stores are very nice. I could spend hours looking around in their store.


The Benedictine (I believe) nuns of Sacre Coeur in Paris actually have a few albums uploaded on Spotify. I had the wonderful luck to visit the church while they were singing for Eucharistic adoration, and it was absolutely beautiful.


St. Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians.


the sister troubadors of the eucharist are in either central or south america. their habit is white, with a ‘choir collar’ that has their emblem embroidered on the front, and a white cape. if you google ‘divinasvocaciones’ and use chrome to do so, the blog will be translated, and they will be on the list on the right.



Along with St. Gregory the Great, who gave us musical notation. :wink: And, who was actually a musician.


St. Cecilia is more for singing. Thanks. I understand the Dominican Sisters have a great choir although their mission is teaching.


Well, she didn’t sing either, She HEARD angels singing at her martyrdom.

I suppose one could say King David was great for singing, as well. :wink:

Kind of a shame that choirs of lay women don’t record the beautiful hymns as the good sisters do.


I only sing “in the Spirit,” (my charism). God did not bless me with a natural voice. I was baptized at St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church in San Antonio. And almost named Cecilia.


Very nice. Cecilia is a very beautiful name.


Two contemplative monasteries come to mind: Regina Laudis Abbey in Bethlehem, Connecticut. They are Benedictine, rise at night, sing the office in Latin in Gregorian chant and have several CDs out. I am sure that they could use organists and probably want players of other instruments.

Second:** Monastery of the Immaculate Heart of Mary**, a member of the Congregation of Solesmes , who also sing the office in Gregorian chant in Latin. This monastery appears somewhat retired, as they have no blogs or newsletters, and have only a relatively short website which doesn’t appear to have changed in years.

Any order involved in education is going to have members trained in teaching and performing music and singing. The Dominican congregations of St. Cecilia and Mary, Mother of the Eucharist come to mind. Of the Benedictine congregations without a habit but whose members, although older, are highly educated, and who run colleges, there are the Benedictines at St. Benedict’s Monastery, St. Joseph MN, who run St. Benedict’s College which partners with St. John’s University in Collegeville MN, a nationally known university. There are also the Benedictines in Duluth, MN at St. Scholastica Monastery, which founded College of St. Scholastica in Duluth and teach there and in other schools.


Here’s the link:

Use Chrome for easier translation.



I think music definitely has a role in a lot of different communities, and in many different ways. Here at St. Anne’s Guest Home, our Sister Elaine helps entertain residents by playing accordion with a group for our dances. I actually have a picture of her playing on the slideshow on my blog, Our Franciscan Fiat. -it’s midway down the right sidebar. Sister Elaine and I often play the keyboard (organ-like) for our daily Mass in our Chapel. Another Sister, now in Hankinson, gave me a little instruction on technique on the organ versus piano. She has been playing since she was four.


Thank you all for your replies and the order suggestions! I appreciate them all! :stuck_out_tongue:

God bless!


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