Nuns at Royal Wedding

Can anyone tell me if the nuns at Kate and William’s wedding are Catholic nuns, or are they Anglican nuns?

They’re Anglican and represented the Anglican Church when the Pope visited Westminster Cathedral on his official visit last year! :smiley:

It was great to see the Pope in London.

I noticed the use of icons in the service which I had not noticed in previous royal weddings/funerals.
Nice to hear St. Catherine of Sienna mentioned.

What did they say about Catherine of Sienna?

They mentioned that today is her feast-day and also quoted her saying; ‘If you are what you should be, then you will set the world on fire.’ :slight_smile:

Thank you for answering my question about the nuns. St. Catherine of Siena is my Confirmation saint, so I was thrilled that she was mentioned in the sermon, and in an Anglican Royal wedding at that!

(Mary Ann)

Thanks, and I didn’t realize that it was her feast day.
I will pray to her that she blesses the royal couple.

Dear St. Catherine of Sienna,
Thou who did shine with excellence in your but short life,
Thou who understood most perfectly the sacrifice of Jesus in your but short vocation
Intercede today on this your feast, that this royal marriage may be a Joyful Christian Union
May it never be stained by the faults of atheism, materialism, greed or lust
But that it be and example that will restore the gifts of chastity, fidelity, patience and love to a world wracked by the discord evil of divorce and the evil of faithlessness.
And similarly intercede that the Lord will bless on this day all Christian marriages and vocations!

[size=]Thank you for posting that prayer, it is beautiful.[/size]

I believe I also saw an icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

I started watching late and missed the icons, but my husband saw them and asked me about them. I couldn’t answer his questions, but maybe some of you can.

Were they Byzantine-style icons? Are they permanently in the church? Also, what were the plates that were on display on the altar at one point? Not sure if they were plates or what-- circular, maybe silver?

I only caught a bit of the service at the end, but noticed someting I thought interesting.
When they began playing the National Anthem, God Save The Queen, they panned across an icon of the Virgin and Child. It was maybe unintentional…but maybe not…


Yes they looked very Byzantine to me.
To be honest I just don’t get it. Anglican’s come out of the western tradition. What do they have to do with the East?

Why worry about what they “look like” - East or West?


Yes~ I saw it too~ And there was one on the other side of Jesus too.

I think they had priests/bishops of all Christian beliefs there, I saw a Eastern priest or maybe bishop there with the Catholic one at the wedding. I am not too sure what status these priests have - sorry :o

If you think a question is stupid, the best thing to do is keep quiet.On a forum, people ask all kinds of questions, and you should not try to stop people asking just because you do not understand why, or you do not share their curiosity about something.

The sisters seen at the royal wedding are members of the Anglican “Community of Sisters of the Church.” One or both of the women are “ordained” and members of the staff of Westminster Abbey. For more info

The ikon of the Mother of God seen in the Abbey resides there permanently. It is mentioned on the guide to the Abbey and was a gift from a Greek Orthodox community.

Thanks, Batushka, for the information. :slight_smile:
From that I was able to find that the icons were painted by Serfei Fyodorov, a Russian icon painter, and installed in 1994.

I never said anything about the question being stupid…Nor have I tried to stop anyone from asking questions…As you say, people ask all kinds of questions…I asked mine…

Please don’t impose something onto my post that is not there and I will give you teh same courtesy.


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