Nuns fight strip club near Ill. convent

CHICAGO – A group of nuns is ready to fight a new strip club adjacent to a Roman Catholic convent in suburban Stone Park.
Sister Marissonia Daltoe told the Chicago Sun-Times she’s not only concerned about the morality of the club, but the legality of it, specifically whether it was built too close to the nuns’ property line.
“What are we trying to teach the children in the neighborhood?” Daltoe of the Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo – Scalabrinians told the Sun-Times.

You go sisters

It’ll be a simple matter to bankrupt the club. 24 hour vigils on the sidewalk, in habits, getting a good look at every face that walks in.

Good for them.

Mind you, I think I need new glasses… At first glance I thought I was reading a thread about Nun Fight Club.

The first rule of Nun Fight Club is that you do not talk about Nun Fight Club…


Good for the Sisters! Wish I lived in the area, I’d be right there on the sidewalk with them, reciting a rosary!

Wish there was a link on their website so I could send them my prayers, support, and “atta-girls!”

LOL. Too funny! That thread might be the headline in The Globe, a tabloid one step below The National Enquirer, sold in NYC supermarkets.

God bless them for doing this.

odile53 this might help.

or here:

What the owners and patrons are about to learn to their peril, is that you do not mess around with Roman Catholic Nuns! Something every Roman Catholic learns in Parochial School…especially if one has a ruler in her hand!

The OP might not be talking about actual fisticuffs. But I’m not going to ask, because I’d like to believe it. (Talk about a graphic novel that writes itself.)

Indeed! The human dregs who patronize those places don’t like publicity and especially not to have their photos taken as they’re going in.

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