Nuns in Spain red-faced after missing call from pope :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting such an enjoyable story about our common humaness!:slight_smile:

Frankly, I am surprised that the convent had a phone. It was only 15 years ago, that my Spanish grandmother put an overseas call to Spain (from California) to greet her sister on her 100th birthday. It became a huge event in the village, involving a phone line being run to the sister’s house for the occasion. The phone call was such a big deal that not only the parish priest came to visit, but the local bishop who just happened to be in town!

Well, at least they had a good excuse!

:slight_smile: Those ringtones can be annoying at times.

Cute story but I think the title of the article was inappropriate. I can see being disappointed, excited, but “red-faced”? No. There is nothing to be embarrassed about attending midday prayers.

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