Nuns of the order of malta need vocations


The Comendadoras of St John of Jerusalem of the Order of Malta need vocations. They are down to two monasteries. They follow the Rule of St Augustine and wear a full habit.


Thanks for the information. They are one of the great heroic orders.


Thanks. There are several ‘chivalric’ orders, and they all had nuns.

The Comendadoras of the Order of Malta had a red, white, and blue habit until our side lost he Crusades. Now they wear black in mourning for that loss.

There are also the Comendadoras of the Holy Spirit. Others too, but their names escape me at the present moment.

The nuns of St Stephen had a white habit with red Maltese cross and some kind of red ‘sweater’ for lack of a better description. They were forced to abandon that habit and be integrated with the Benedictines.



There is another group of Comendadoras ,like those of the Holy Spirit, and Alcantra.
They are found in Spain,though the first name also have monasteries in France where they were founded.The Hospitalier Sisters ofd Sixena in Spain used to wear the Maltese Cross on their habit,and there is some though it might have come from them. Not sure if there are any monasteries of them left. I think they were once members of the Knights of Malta.
In Sitwell’s book on monasteries, they have a photo of the sisters dressed in black wearing a large headress of white which look like it dates from the 14th or 15th century.
Their former monastery now houses another group.


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