Nuns/sisters at Christmas!

How do nuns and/or sisters celebrate Christmas? Do cloistered nuns stay cloistered? Are they allowed to spend time with their family? Do sisters give gifts?

I’m discerning my vocation right now! Thank you everybody!

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I think it may well depend on the order of the nun. My grandfather’s sister, for example, is a cloistered nun; she doesn’t leave the convent, but can have visitors occasionally (I’m sure during Christmas too).

I’ll pray for the Holy Spirit to give you a clear mind as far as your vocation is concerned. :slight_smile:

My daughter is a dominican nun. No, she doesn’t get to call or visit the family. In fact she is only allowed 4 visiting days this year.

She is also not allowed to write at all during Advent or Lent.

But, her order is so fantastic, I know she will have a great Christmas. We will send her Christmas presents, but they have to be pretty basic because of the vow of poverty. She has to get permission to even keep a pen. Most of the things we send are things that can be shared in the community.

They are also putting her through college and she will be a school teacher in a few years.

I think once she takes her final vows, she will be allowed a trip home each year. (her last trip home was 2010).

It is a huge sacrifice for us and for her, but I know I have grown a great deal spiritually as a result.

You can view her order at:


When I entered formation as a Friar Minor my grandfather died and two brothers were married. I missed each of these family events, and I could only pray from afar. The Friars were my family.

Christmas is spent with your community.

Thank you all for your responses. I think Christmas with the family would be something I would miss the most!!!

God bless all,

I don’t have a clue how “modern day” sisters/nuns spend their holidays, but back in the day our sisters rarely got to see their families, holidays or not. This always bothered me and I “felt sorry” for them…until one of them explained to me that the community became their “new family” but they WERE able to receive letters, make phone calls, etc. to their “real” families and they seemed OK with that.
Gifts given to the sisters became “community property” and I think they made out pretty well at Christmas !
Looking back, I think they relished the Christmas break just like we did. Having two weeks off from a classroom of 55 plus kids on a daily basis would make anyone happy !:slight_smile:

Hello John,

The Dominican Sisters of Mother Mary of the Eucharist are a wonderful community. You are blessed to have a daughter with a vocation to that community.

In Christ,

Good question and we should ask what would Jesus think when he kept in contact with his mother throughout his life. He didn’t start ministry until the mature age of 30. To answer your question: Many religious orders, at least the women’s, severely restrict any contact with family and never at holidays. IMHO These are man made or women’s rules not God’s . It is quite the opposite of what Jesus did and (Mary at foot of Cross etc) and is in opposition of a pro-life/ pro family position. My friend left an order right before final vows and was told not to say goodbye to anybody and was ushered out in secrecy so no one else would leave.

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