Nuns that are nurses or help the sick/elderly?

What are some orders of nuns that work as nurses or help the sick or care for older people?
If I become a nun this is the area I’m interested in since I’m trained in it.

There are MANY religious orders that have this as their apostolate. Off the top of my head, I can recommend:

Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne

Servants of Mary, Ministers to the Sick

Sisters of St. Rita

Carmelite Sisters of the Aged and Infirm

Olivetan Benedictines

Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (take care of retired priests)

Any particular spirituality (Carmelite, Benedictine, Franciscan, etc) that you are looking for? This will help narrow down the choices. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: I will find out more about them

You might also look at the Little Sisters of the Poor:


The Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne and Little Sisters of the Poor are very good orders and are your best bet. I was in contact with both of them and they are VERY helpful! I will caution you that the Dominican Sisters take a while to get back if you send an email so I recommend calling their vocation director as she doesn’t check email very often.

Since I have time to research, here are some other communities you might be interested in:

Daughters of St. Francis of Assisi

Missionaries of Charity

Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma

Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis

Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent dePaul

Benedictine Sisters of Grace and Compassion

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

I think Canossian sisters

:wave:My late cousin Carlene belonged to the Sisters of Charity of Nazerath,Ky.She was trained as a nurse before she entered the convent, and was a hospital administrator in Little Rock ,Arkansas.
There are the Little Sisters of the Poor, Religious Hospitalliers of St.Joseph,Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, Sisters of St.Paul of Chartres,Sisters of St.John of God,
Sister Servants of Christ the King (Wisconsin), Hospitallier Sisters of the Holy Spirit(founded 1125 in France),the Spanish Little Sisters of the Poor and Abandoned
various orders of Sisters of Charity throught the world.
There is also the Sisters of the Holy Spirit in Ohio, and the Sisters of Reparation of the Congregation of Mary in New York who help and run homes for friendless women.
Lots of orders do nursing work.The Alexian Brothers have in Germany the Alexian Sisters who also nurse.I believe the sisters are still around.

The Betlemite Sisters from Colombia They staff a Catholic retirement residence here in Dallas

Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate. Totally faithful to the Magisterium, main apostolate is teaching the faith in it’s fullness, secondary apostolate is running a retirement home. Fantastic order.

Dominican Sisters of the Immaculate Conception

Missionaries of Charity

Sisters of St. Paul de Chartes

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