Has anybody seen this play? Is it any good?

I need to see a play for class and this one is one of the last shows that I can see on time (there might be one more but I’d have to ask my teacher for an extension). I read the synopsis and…well, from a catholic perspective, I’m not sure. I don’t know that there’s anything inherently offensive, it sounds like a bunch of stupid people who just happen to be nuns, but I don’t know what the script itself is like.
Even if it is offensive or wrong, do you think it is a different story to go see it as a part of an assignment? It’s my own fault that I didn’t go see any other play before now, that’s true, but I didn’t think very hard about it, honestly. I don’t want to put my money towards an anti-Catholic production, but I do need to do something about this.


I saw it a long time ago, on television. I don’t remember it being anti-Catholic as much as being pretty stupid and unbelievable. Go ahead and go, but don’t expect to be entertained as much as being a little a bored; it just for a grade.


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