Nuremberg-style Trials Proposed For Global Warming Skeptics


If you do not agree with our leftist views we will prosecute you and hang you!!!


Oh yes, and not on this issue alone. I’ve noticed that many leftists deeply hate anyone who disagrees with them and their agendas and have no qualms about demonizing people all the while preaching their own skewed form of “tolerance.” :rolleyes:


Liberals worship diversity – except, of course for diversity in ideas.

Look at Justice Thomas, a Black man who thinks for himself. He’s virtually been drummed out of his race for “getting off the reservation.”


Oh, come on Vern. Liberals love diversity in ideas - as long as you agree with their ideas;) !




that’s odd, i thought america was all about democracy and freedom of speech but then we in the uk are supposed to be the same!

ha! what a joke on both sides of the pond!


A fascinating idea. Judge all people in an artifically constructed group by the utterances of one of them. I guess I should judge all conservatives and their opinions on every single topic by what Jack Chick or Pat Robertson says.



You just did – when you called Jack Chick a “conservative.”


? Surely he is considered a ‘conservative’, in the artificially-constructed baskets that people are told they fall into? I sure wouldn’t call him a ‘liberal’.

In any event, I’m not going to do just that, as I said. It’s not me that’s extrapolating things about ‘all liberals’ from one article in a magazine.



That wouldn’t match your stereotype, right?:wink:


Once again, you just did.


No I didn’t.

Well, this conversation got tedious rather quickly.



Typical of the left and it shows. Just look at what happened recently at Columbia when one of the Minutemen spoke. The left not only verbally attacked him they rushed the stage.



That looks like a set-up. The college officials knew (or should have known) what was going to happen, and apparently deliberately failed to provide adequate security.

Reminds me of the Old South, with the sheriff standing by and watching while the men wearing sheets did the lynching.


I would llike to pay more attention to this but I have snow to shovel!


Are you sure it’s snow? Check to be sure it’s white, and not brown.:smiley:


The utterances of just one? This is just one more example of SOP for the left. Speak up in disagreement and you are a target for attack and they will try to destroy you.


Note how he automatically assumes Jack Chick is a “conservartive.” Not based on evidence, but because Chick matches his stereotype.:rolleyes:


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