nursing home

My mother need to be placed in a nursing home, or come live with us. She refuses. If she continues to live alone, she is in danger-she is 84.
She is squandering away finaces and cannot care for herself. How can I get her the much needed help? No nurses want to deal with her-she is difficult and has dementia.
We are out of state- but would like to start this process?
Any help is appreciated.

Speak to a home health agency, nursing facility and the Alzheiners Association. Specifically their Social Workers as they deal with this situation on a daily basis and will have information and resources available for you.

Good luck, this is often a difficult, but necessary transition.

Tough situation. My prayers go out to you…

I would suggest starting by contacting the council on aging in your area. They might be able to give yous some insights and ideas. But since your mother is in a different state, they may not be able to help a lot as laws vary from state to state…So maybe also talk to the COA in her area.

It may be necessary to get an “Edler-Care” Lawyer involved. In fact, I would highly recommend you talk with one and soon.

the really sad thing about this is that there are really no “good answers”. What you will have to do is going to wind up being traumatic and upsetting for everyone. But hopefully you will be able to get through it and get things settled for her best interest and care.

Sorry I don’t have any better answers…


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