Nutmeg - Do you use it?

I follow some channel on Youtube that is about life in the 18th century and they do all, from construction, to war stories, survival and also food recipes. The interesting thing is that pretty much 100% of the recipes include nutmeg. Plus the person that is leading the shows, always drinks tea with some nutmeg added to it.

Some say that nutmeg is actually a drug, so perhaps I feel a bit reluctant to try it.

Since I never really used nutmeg, I was wondering how (in what food) do you use nutmeg, does anyone add it to their tea - because that seems to be a thing.

Nutmeg is a very nice spice.

I like to purchase the nutmeg whole and grate is as I need. It smells very nice.

Nutmeg is good in some desserts.

It’s pretty good added to mashed potatoes.

Spinach with nutmeg.

Sprinkle some on eggnog.

On a caffè latte.

Also, you need to consume a whole lot for it to be hallucinogenic. Recipes only call for a pinch or two.


Great, thank you!

Just added a bit of grated nutmeg in a cup of St. John’s Wort tea - so far so good! :slight_smile:

Yes, nutmeg in creamed spinach! :yum:

I use it mostly in baked goods like pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread, spice cake, cookies.


Might as well just say the name:

Yeah, I’ve never known anyone hooked on Nutmeg. The effects aren’t very pleasant…

Everything and anything. More Nutmeg the better!

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a pinch of nutmeg into certain things can make them taste a bit more like cake than they otherwise did. I think the blend is a little cinnamon, and only a pinch of nutmeg, and make sure there’s a quality vanilla. It gives this cake-flavor beyond normal cake flavor, at least imo.

I know that channel well. As far as consuming in food, it would never be so much in the food that it would cause issues. It would possibly have medical benefits, but the psychoactive affects would require way way more nutmeg than you’re going to be able to handle in your food.


That’s it! :slight_smile: That’s the channel! :smiley:
I really like the live streams they have.

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I got this tip from Rachael Ray.

Sprinkle some nutmeg when cooking dark greens like kale, broccoli rabbe or spinach.

It enhances the flavor.

Nutmeg also contains antioxidants and is good for you.


Yeah, I love me some nutmeg, especially on cappuccino and other coffee drinks. It used to be offered along with cinnamon at most cappuccino stands, but has since become relatively hard to find. I assumed it just cost too much so the coffee shops quit offering it as a free sprinkle.

There are also many recipes for stuff like pies and pastries that call for nutmeg.

As for its being a drug, nobody consumes that much nutmeg. I’m more concerned with sugar and caffeine which are also drugs and are everywhere.


I sprinkle nutmeg on egg nog


Just two days ago, my husband and I were eating carrot cake. He commented that there was something else in it besides cinnamon. I said nutmeg? Bingo. I can’t imagine some foods without a pinch. Kicks it up a notch! :rofl:


Same here.

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As others have said, I use nutmeg on eggnog, cooked greens, and in baking. I also sprinkle it on top of custard before I refrigerate it. Nutmeg tastes awesome on carrots. I cut them into coin shapes, then saute them in butter and nutmeg. Roasted/baked winter squashes are also good with some butter and a sprinkle of nutmeg.


Thanks for all the replies!
I never knew that coffee shops offered nutmeg as a sprinkle - different part of the world, perhaps. But I did hear about being used with spinach, before.

Carrots with nutmeg must be really good!

Nutmeg is a key ingredient in a proper lasagna!


According to Italian grandmothers.

According to the internet.

(I do add it when I make lasagna. And I do make tasty lasagna.)


I make a pork schnitzel (Rachael Ray’s recipe) that calls for nutmeg in the breading. Delicious!

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If you make lasagna with a BĂ©chamel sauce. You put that in the sauce.

My mom didn’t put it in here, but she made hers with ricotta.


If you lasagna includes a bechamel sauce, it is likely to include nutmeg.

I read in an herbal that Nutmeg can be toxic, and people have been poisoned by it. I assume that’s way in excess of it’s normal usage.

I never heard anything about nutmeg being “bad” until this thread. But yes, apparently you would have to consume a very high quantity for it to be at a dangerous level.

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