Nuttiest Things CATHOLICS Have Said or Done Around You Because You're NON-Catholic

Since it’s the Holidays I thought we could use a spinoff thread for our non-Catholic brethren out there from “Nuttiest Things Non-Catholics Have Said or Done Around You Because You’re Catholic”.
Have fun and be light.

What? Nothing?

It’s a really fun idea!!! But I’ve never been non-Catholic so I don’t really have much to add… :o

When my friends were all getting ready for their first Holy Communion as the only non-Catholic they asked me to pretend to be the priest. So for about 2 weeks I held up mints, said Body of Christ and put it on their tongues. My other instructions were to make sure the mint didn’t touch their teeth b/c it would be mortal sin for the Eucharist to touch them. That not really nutty, but that’s all I’ve got.

None of the small number of Catholics I know in person are nutty. I’ve seen some weird ideas about non-Catholics from some Catholics on the internet, but it’s not anything I care to make the effort to remember.

Nice gesture, though, Justaservant…it’s the thought that counts.

When I stopped being Catholic years ago and joined a Baptist church, a certain Catholic relative of mine asked me why I was “going to a black church”. :rolleyes:
Can’t speak for the South, but Yankees tend to equate Baptist with being African American.

I’m a Catholic and I made fish for my family on Friday morning and packed some for my wife to take to work. She commented that her office doesn’t like it when people have fish for lunch (due to smell I suppose) and I told her that if anyone gives her flack, to reply "It’s Friday you meat-eating heathens!!!"

I was totally being silly, but I think this fits into the topic. :slight_smile:

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