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I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. “The truth” and their New World Translation is all I have ever known. I no longer believe they have “the truth.” (Not sure I ever did.) But could someone please give me a list of Bible verses that will highlight for me just how wrong the NWT is? I would love to take my old NWT, and my new Catholic RSV, and compare some key verses.


You can find a big list of good comparisons here.

Take a look particularly at the JW sections called “Distinctive Beliefs” “Stumpers” and “More Stumpers”

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Jason Evert’s book “Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses” is a good resource. The book is not very extensive (under 200 pages) but it provides greater detail than the information on catholic.com and cites reference material. I think it’s a good place to start.

It costs about $10 - 12 and is available from the Catholic Answers catalog and also from Amazon.com.

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The fact that I have been conversing with a Jehovah’s Witness for the last seven years should give you an indication that I could spend all night giving you an answer to your question. Use the references given in the other posts but you can start with John 1 verse 1. The NWT reduces Jesus to “a god”. The NWT also changes the interpretation of the word for worship to obeisance whenever it pertains to Jesus to deny His divinity. The list goes on and on, In Colossians 1: 15-20 the NWT inserts [in brackets] the word [other] to “clarify” that Jesus did not create Himself. See how this reads without that disgraceful insertion.

Anyway, seek out the many good books that are available through Catholic Answers and other publishers who will guide you through the atrocities of the NWT… God Bless


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I don’t have any web references for you to follow, but if you will compare the words of consecration at the Last Supper in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, you will find that the Catholics (and the original texts) report Jesus’ words as “This is My Body” while the New World Translation reports them as “This means my body.”

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:smiley: Thanks for the good start. You know, most of my family and extended family are still JW’s. Once or twice a year whats left of the family (the ones that are not DF’ed) get together for a meal. For the most part, I’m left alone to read the book I brought, but once in awhile I just can’t help but put a jab or two in. (The sad thing though is that even though two of my inlaws are Elders, my jabs seem to go by without notice.) Over the years, a few of them have been…“At least we all stayed alive 'till 75.” …“What is the thinking on the men of Sodom THIS year?” … “You’re not going to eat that piece of FATTY steak are you?” … “I hear the UN has a GREAT library.” … “Please don’t question my beliefs, and I won’t pick out the flaws in yours.” BTW, I almost stepped on it with this last one. My Elder Brother-In-Law comes up to me and says…“are you saying that the things you have been taught from infancy have flaws?” I just smiled and kept my mouth shut. After all, at the time I had no desire to be DF’ed, and answering with a yes would have been all he needed to pull me into a Judicial Commitee…to disfellowship me.

BTW, I have new one that I saw on a T-shirt…“I reject your reality, and substitute my own.”

I’m also really want to try and work in a new word at our next meal…Verisimilitude…appearance of truth. Hey, it fits the JW’s perfectly.


Welcome home. Now that you are on the outside looking in maybe you can find a way to utilize your experience with the JW’s to those who are considering becoming one. I have many watchtower magazines, awake magazines, books and three sizes of the NWT. I’ve listened in (by phone) on several meetings. I’ve visited the books of Daniel and Revelation with my friend more times than I can count! Hang in there and keep researching the Church that Jesus Christ founded.

It’s funny, after showing my friend many quotes from the Early Church Fathers he now recognizes that he got his Bible from the Catholic Church! (Before they destroyed it) “Christendom” prevails…:slight_smile:


The Gospel of St. John 1. Especially John 1:1.


Jehovahs Witnesses Answered Verse by Verse (Paperback)
by David A. Reed


Misleading Revisions in the New World Translation
by Andy Bjorklund





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