NY Attorney General Subpoenas every Catholic Diocese in the State




If the bishops won’t do it for us, the secular authorities are here to save the day. I’m wondering how many other states will follow suit. Probably all of them.


State elected officials and political appointees should also be investigated in light of the many corruption allegations that are made public.


I’ve heard of rumors that other states are going in the same direction. I’m not surprised considering how much covering up the Church has done over the years. Eventually all the secrets will be laid bare.


I can see every state doing this for a variety of motives: political, religious, and justice related. I’m not sure how exposing wrongs that years ago are beneficial, but that will happen. All in all it might be best for everything to come to light sooner than slowly dragging on.


This isn’t a good thing. Are they doing this to every religion? If not then this is religious discrimination. The state is anti Christian. Thinking that enlisting them to root out the problem will help is wrong.


I have explained this to you several times before. This is a good thing and just because it’s not happening elsewhere where it should doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t happen with the Church first.

Also, you are not being discriminated against because the police are investigating the rape of children by Catholic priests.

New York Attorney General subpoenas all diocese in the state

Missouri is doing this as well.


Are they investigating a specific allegation? If not then yes, it is discrimination. They are trolling.


I don’t expect the same secular authorities pushing degeneracy in society at large to do anything other than attempt to tear apart the Church and the ability to spread Her true message.


its actually up to secular authorities and the state to prosecute these as CRIMES.

its not up to the catholic church to prosecute


A new quote that I just read on a catholic facebook page

“We’ve had enough exhortations to be silent. Cry out with a thousand tongues - I see the world is rotten because of silence.”

― St. Catherine of Siena


Sure was up to them to cover up the crimes


Up to who?


If there has been no wrong doing, there’s nothing to hide. Let the state AG see the records. So what?



It is a sad thing.


It’s been long time coming so better now than later. I don’t care about partisan politics… There’s no reason to support bad guys. Period.


How does this “investigation” not violate the 4th amendment?

Why should any diocese hand over anything “just because”?

IS NYS going to subpoena every school district for the same information? What about other Churches?


Good question. It’s a fishing expedition.

What does one hope to accomplish by digging through 40 years worth of records? Why not 60 years or 100 years or 150 years? Why not dig through the records of every school and every charity organization?

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