NY lawmaker: Parents should take parenting classes



Not much info in the link, but what does a parenting class have to do with with a child being promoted?

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I suppose tying attendance at the parenting classes presumes the parents actually care about the kids being promoted.
I work at a shelter for homeless families and sometimes I wish parents had to go through a licensing process (yeah, I know, totally against Church teaching). Most of our residents would stay in motels because they resent having rules like curfew, mandatory attendance at parenting classes, job searches, &c.

And, contra what many here seem to think, these folks folks don’t sit around calculate how much they can collect for an addition baby, none of them think that long-term.


To bad we can’t force legislators to take legislating classes


The CPC I counseled at offerd parenting classes and I believe they can be a great help.My problem with this proposal is having the Govt requireit and more scary set the agenda as to what is going to be taught


Lesson 1: What is a constitutional representative republic?
Lesson 2: What are enumerated powers?



While I find the proposal offensive, I am a public school teacher, who is now being evaluated under a VAM (value added measure) system. I am held responsible for a child’s growth, even if they don’t do their work, even if they don’t come to school, even if their parents abuse or neglect them.

Somehow, parents ought to be held accountable for their child’s performance and behavior in school, as well.



Amen! I remember when my oldest daughter(now 40) began kindergarten,One of the first questions her teacher asked me was,who I thought was responsible for my child’s behavior?Of course I replied it was the responsibility of my husband and me,to ensure that our daughter knew how to behave in school and otherwise.


Most GOOD parents who are doing a great job raising their kids don’t have time to get to a parenting class. They’re already busy workin, shuffling kids to activities, making FAMILY dinner, or reading their child a book.


The whole point is not to hold parents responsible. The phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” is really just a euphemism for “it takes a government to raise a child.”

The goal of the system is precisely to fail, so that the government can then step in and completely take over the upbringing of children.

In the new model of education, failure is not an option—it’s the goal.


Hi Father,
Sadly, I must agree. It is the same path for health care. The current system is set up to fail, so that a more authoritarian system (single payer) can be called for. That way, they don’t have to fight you stubborn Catholics and us pesky Missouri Synod Lutherans. :cool:



The problem is, I suspect what you and I think of as a good parent ( raise them to work hard, be independent, and practice their faith) isn’t what government types have in mind.



The government involvement and mandating of these classes is my problem with it.


Lesson 1: First get married.


Finish school - get a diploma.
Get a job, any job, and keep it.

Then, first get married - and stay married.



This was essentially the commencement speech I got. Tim Russert was the speaker, may he rest in peace.


“Finish school - get a diploma.
Get a job, any job, and keep it.
Don’t have a baby until you are married. Then, stay married.”

This was also what Moynihan recommended fifty years ago to cure poverty. He was roundly condemned for saying it.


Thank you for this. I didn’t know he was quoting Moynihan!


These classes would probably be about teaching “tolerance” and “progressive thinking.”

We should be worried about notions like this. It was Margaret Sanger who said no one should reproduce without a license.


It’ll never happen, but I’m all for it! It’s hard to teach parents LOVE, but such classes would allow parents to gain valuable information on ‘correct’ child-rearing.

LOVE! :heart:


So what happens if the couple fails the class, or refuses to attend? This whole thing would seem to open the door to needing a governmental license to become a parent. At least, married couples. Unmarried couples will be able to breed at will of course, because otherwise that would be a restriction on their “lifestyle.” If we license barbers and beauticians and similar, how can we not license something as critical and far-reaching as parents? Surely parents are just temporary surrogates for the all-important “village!”

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