NY Man Forced Woman to Swallow Abortion Pill


Police say a New York doctor choked a woman inside a home and forced her to swallow a pill that could cause an abortion after she told him she was pregnant.

Pfeiffer was charged with strangulation, assault and abortion in the second degree, or committing an “abortional act.”


Pfeiffer should be charged with murder.


Thinking for the first time …how many women already might have had something similar happen with or without their knowledge.


I thought the same thing after reading a similar story (I think it was a teen boy that tricked his pregnant girlfriend into taking it). As the abortion pill becomes more readilly available I think it will happen more and more.


Yet another reason why abstinence until marriage is the best option. That said a husband could do the same thing but one would like to hope he would not.



Tragically, you are probably correct.

I see this also as a terrible and new dimension to the problem of battered women. Yes, an innocent life is murdered but it also is the point of battering a woman without actually killing her physically.

This could happen to women that are married or unmarried.

It is/will be a dimension of battered women that will for the most part remain hidden. Black and blue marks are visible but a forced abortion pill is hidden from view.


Wondering where woman rights advocates are now?


The war on abortion will be won when the men take role of leadership the way the Creator intended them to be. For decades, we focus the war on abortion and place all the burdon upon the woman because she is easier to control. Meanwhile, men are being lead further and further astray from his role as protector and leader; blinded by money, pride, objectification, and such. Our culture needs to invest into our men so that they can identify what their God given gifts and responsibilities are!



The world gets worse each day.


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