NY Motorist's Good Deed Proves Fatal

**NY Motorist’s Good Deed Proves Fatal **


CATSKILL, N.Y. (June 29) - Police say a New York man running to the aid of another motorist fell to his death from a bridge, apparently because he didn’t know there was a large gap between lanes.

State police say 44-year-old Kevin Ryan, of Mount Kisco, was traveling on Route 23 in the town of Catskill, 30 miles south of Albany, around 10:45 p.m. Sunday when he noticed a vehicle overturned in the opposite lane.

Investigators say Ryan stepped over a concrete barrier unaware there was a 17-foot wide gap between the eastbound and westbound lanes of the bridge. He fell nearly 50 feet to the rocks and concrete below. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.
Troopers say the driver of the other vehicle suffered minor injuries.


As morbid as it may seem to mention this, it could be taken as a reminder of the old adage, “Look before you leap” :o

Yes, JP, Do good deeds and be careful! :slight_smile:
Tim Kirchoffe, I like: Look before your leap.:slight_smile:
Also I saw your catholic game blog, I thought that the games all excellent, above average, but are those really Catholic games? and I saw now playing :Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360), this game about killing, is it not? I saw Call of Duty 5 before, it’s very scary.:shrug:

wow, that is really sad. i guess being late at night and in a hurry to get to the overturned car, he didn’t take the time to be concerned with his own safety.

It pays to look around if you are going to stop and help.

Locally, a woman saw a mother and baby inside a car with a flat tire. This was in the middle of the afternoon in a city, so she stopped to help change the tire. But when she got out of her car, a man emerged and punched her in the face. He then stole $80 from her, and drove off in the car with the flat tire (still flat!)

Not surprisingly, he was arrested short time later. The woman with the baby, who stayed inside the car, isn’t being charged.

when things like this happen in Cedar Rapids, we know how bad things are in our country.

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