NY School Crowns Gay Couple Prom King and Queen

NY School Crowns Gay Couple Prom King and Queen

HUDSON, N.Y. – A couple of gay best friends were voted prom king and queen by such a wide margin at an upstate New York high school that the school didn’t even bother with any runners-up.
Seniors Charlie Ferrusi and Timmy Howard won their respective [/FONT][FONT=arial]crown and tiara by a landslide Saturday. They started thinking about running about a month ago and ran the idea past advisors and the principal, who gave their blessing.


I weep for the future…

The United States of America is a sick country! :mad: I cry at the thought of my 3yr old granddaughter growing up in this Amoral, hedonistic world. :frowning: I wouldn’t blame God if he abandoned us.:eek: We have a President who is pro choice (I’m being kind) and has promised Jerusalem to the Muslims! :o What is next? :confused: I hope I live long enough to see us Christians put to the death for our love of Christ. I would die for HIM!:thumbsup:

This is absolutely horrible.

The kids and teachers have lost the moral compass.

For the sake of the next generation, you grandchildren, we MUST keeping fighting the good fight. Remember, we have the greatest ally anybody can have, we have the Church, Truth and God is on our side too!! :slight_smile: And this too shall pass…

“One of the hardest parts of the experience, the boys said, was deciding who would be king and who would be queen.”

Life is full of tough choices. This will be an interesting addition to their resume.

the world has gone mad, and the U.S. is in the lead. If you want to see how the country thinks, just go on facebook, twitter, or the yahoo opinion page. You would swear we’ve all gone out of our minds. I’ve never seen so much hate, foul language and words that shouldn’t be put into print. When will God get his fill of all of this? Only HE knows.

That is what happens when God and the 10 Commandments are removed and morality is left to men.

Don’t look at the world as if that’s all there is. Plenty of Christians are home schooling their kids. “Do not follow the crowd in doing evil.”

God bless,

The problem is, the good people that home school their children have to fund that filth. If Madelin Murray O’hair didnt want her kid to hear a very simple prayer, and caused a lawsuit to ban it (school prayer) from the country, then why can’t we do the same? We pay taxes, we have rights too.

You have to vote them out. Start at the local level.

State and federal reps generally are elected for life. If we keep electing them we get more of the same…

Yes, citizen. You have the right to remain silent.:frowning:

I find these words far more disturbing than the fact that a gay couple won some meaningless popularity contest at a high school.

I am sort of at a loss of why this is an issue? Its a secular school, and they were voted by their peers.

I agree. This isn’t any sillier or more frivolous than beauty pageants.

Because teenage students need moral guidance and examples instead of dreaming up their own. It is irresponsible of adults entrusted to their care to let this sort of thing happen.

Honestly, thinking like that, is why this is even an issue these days. I guess it is easy to just close our eyes, and not say anything, because to do so may actually cost something.

but yeah, let the kids vote on it.

They can also have a STD scoreboard, to compete with other schools in the district, to see who has the highest rates, winning school gets a years supply of condoms and visits to the school nurse!! Better yet, a teenage pregnancy rate competition, winning school gets free abortions for the year no strings attached, And at the end of the year, to preserve those great highs school memories, a Girls gone wild yearbook with accompanying video!!

All in the name of diversity and freedom of course, but you cant say merry Christmas or, God forbid, have a prayer group or a crucifix on school grounds… now that would be intolerant!!!

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