NYC Doctor Trying to 'Prevent Homosexuality' With Experimental Drug

NYC Doctor Trying to ‘Prevent Homosexuality’ With Experimental Drug

** A New York City doctor is administering dangerous steroids to pregnant women, trying to prevent homosexuality, as well as the fetuses’ future desire to “explore ‘male careers’”, or have “disinterest in becoming mothers.”**
Dr. Maria New, a pediatric endocrinologist at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Florida International University claims the treatment was initially developed to treat a rare congenital disorder of the adrenal gland, known as Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) that causes the genitals in female babies to appear more male because of overproduction of male hormones.Of the pregnant women being exposed to the steroid, dexamethasone, many are not controlled in enrolled clinical trials, reported.


I saw that last week and posted that on my FB page.
What my comment was alongside it was too crass to repeat here, but I think that’s nothing short of insane. What mother would place her fetus in jeopardy like that…just on a hope the child wouldn’t be “gay”?
(Now, mind, I do NOT see this as a problem…I see no problem what so ever with being gay/lesbian/trans-gendered/bisexual)

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