NYC health head rejected NYPD mask plea: 'I don't give 2 rats' a--es about your cops'


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NYC health head rejected NYPD mask plea: ‘I don’t give 2 rats’ a–es about your cops’

By Larry Celona, Julia Marsh, Bruce Golding | New York Post

New York City’s health commissioner blew off an urgent NYPD request for 500,000 surgical masks as the coronavirus crisis mounted — telling a high-ranking police official that “I don’t give two rats’ a–es about your cops,” The Post has learned.

Dr. Oxiris Barbot made the heartless remark during a brief phone conversation in late March with NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan, sources familiar with the matter said Wednesday. . . .

Wow! That is sad! Hopefully, New York will be prepared for the next pandemic
with adequate medical supplies for hospitals and government workers.

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For readers that so not recall who Dr. Oxiris Barbot is, here are some items from prior posts of mine.


NYC Health Commissioner Last Month: Go Out, Take The Subway, Bus, Attend Parades!



Here’s political satirist Mark Dice with some very real video footage that has been much more difficult to find lately on Youtube . . . .

(Footage on Bill de Blasio, Oxiris Barbot, and Nancy Pelosi)

And from Tucker Carlson . . .

Tucker: How local leaders failed their cities


Published on Mar 26, 2020

Why has the coronavirus outbreak been so especially devastating in New York City? #FoxNews #Tucker

Their preparation was highly touted in the recent Netflix documentary: Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak.

I wonder what went wrong there, was it DeBlasio?

I watched that documentary back in December or January. Unbeknownst to me,
a pandemic was beginning to bear down on our country soon.

I can’t remember now what was said about New York’s preparedness.

Something definitely went wrong in New York and I think the mayor and governor
both hold some responsibility. Hopefully, a full, thorough and honest investigation and report will be done.

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7_Sorrows . . .

. . . Something definitely went wrong in New York and I think the mayor and governor
both hold some responsibility. . . .

Excellent point.

It looks like a lot of it was their blowing-off their sick and elderly. Especially in nursing homes.

Typical New York politics. Non-New Yorkers don’t understand it very well, but New Yorkers are virtually immune to the bickering between the Mayor and his staff, between the Mayor and the Governor, between the Mayor and the NYPD, between…you get the picture. I am not pleased with Mayor de Blasio on a variety of issues. He is no Bloomberg or Giuliani, that’s for sure. I realize, however, it’s a tough job running this city; but amateurs should not apply.

I can’t imagine how De Blasio is going to handle the Hasidic celebration of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot at the end of this month, with Orthodox Hassidim gathering in large crowds, particularly in Brooklyn, most without masks and no social distancing. He fears antagonizing the Jewish community, such a vital component to his re-election and also because he is supposedly ultra-liberal. At the same time, these Orthodox Jews are endangering not only their own lives but those of other New Yorkers as well. I hope there is no violent confrontation, but we’ll soon find out.

Again, typical New York politics.

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NY has two types of events that seem critical.
How many flights of non Chinese nationals flew into NY from Wuhan between Jan2020 and March 2020
How many flew in from Europe between Feb 2020 and the end of March.
How did those people disseminate?

More hooey from Tucker.

They are afraid of Cuomo’s numbers.
The Trump machine is in great relentless attacking mode attacking both Cuomo and Fauci, by any means necessary, to soil them. It is the dark underbelly of our politics.


This board is such a wasteland sometimes. Again, rather than talking about this woman’s horrendous comments and lack of care for human lives (something you’d think would be required of a “health commissioner”), we somehow invoke Trump and Tucker Carlson. Pathetic.

The quality of some of these posts avoiding the topic mirror the quality of the comments from Barbot.


Lots of people flew in from Europe. College students studying abroad came back, were not screened by homeland security for fevers, or tested for coronavirus. Then they got into cars, ubers, etc.

TSA is in charge of airport security, that falls under the department of homeland security.

100% seriously

Edited to change:

Why do you always attribute bizarre motives to people?

Why would Fox report on this because they are afraid of Cuomo’s numbers instead of because the woman made yet another unwarranted comment showing incompetence? It’s a much more germane topic than Trump’s leaving the press conference in the face of repeated silly questions and rudeness.

Because to some there is an added rule they apply to CAF: There are to be NO threads that put Democrats in a bad light, thus, ALL threads no matter the topic MUST be derogatory of Trump in some way.

Thread after thread after thread…


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