NYC Megachurch Leader Says Church Must Act on 'Alarming' Abortion Trend Among Black Women

NEW YORK — The Rev. Elaine Flake, who leads along with husband, the Rev. Floyd Flake, the 23,000-member Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York, has expressed shock over abortion statistics recently revealed about black women in New York City.
“I saw that article about a month ago, someone forwarded it to me via email and I was devastated,” Flake told The Christian Post. “I thought those statistics were just outrageous, and wondered if they were true. But if they are, it’s something that I think we have to deal with as a church. As the African American community we have to educate our people a little bit better. I think we just have to be determined that we’re going to deal with some of these issues.”

It is amazing in politics today how easily people accuse others of being ‘racist’, but when generations of poor African American babies (among others) are being taken to abortion mills (like Planned Parenthood) in high numbers, you can hear a pin drop…??? :frowning:

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