NYC Stores Continue Boarding Up In Anticipation Of Election Day Turmoil


Washington DC and other major cities are boarding up their stores.

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Should be fun!

These groups caused 1 billion dollars worth of damage to stores in the last year.

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I wonder if Philadelphia will bother to board up or is everything already stolen or trashed from the last week before the National Guard showed up.

I also wonder if there will be any serious effort to contain people running amok in the streets or are we still just giving them “space to destroy” as the former (thank heaven they got rid of her) mayor of Baltimore said.


I was just indulging in a bit of gallows humor (since I have to go into Manhattan for work) - I’m actually not looking forward to it.

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Might oughta call in

No, it’s okay. I went in during the George Floyd riots so this should be a piece of cake.


Personally I think there IS (not could) going to be civil unrest, here we have a country that prides itself as the greatest of democracies and yet guns are flying off the shelves, ammo is in short supply or many stores don’t have any left, stores are boarding up. Now someone explain to me why guns are part of a stable democratic election process, I said it on another thread and I still believe we’re about to witness what Jesus spoke of, “a house divided against itself cannot stand”.

I understand some walmarts removed guns from some of their shelves.

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Denver is boarding up as well.I imagine all the big Dem run cities are…

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An armed citizenry is precisely why we have a stable democracy …

We are government by the people and for the people …

I am a citizen not a subject.

As a citizen I have inalienable rights, rights the government does not bestow nor has the right to take from me.

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Nonsense, you think two armed opposing political ideologies is a stable democracy, good luck on that one.

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I was speaking of facts not emotions …it is a hard concept for some I understand.

Just because a person purchases a weapon and ammunition does not mean they intend to start a war in the streets. It probably means they don’t intend to be a victim if attacked.

But we are - or were - a nation of laws but alas, we have become a nation where some people are subject to some laws and other people are not …which is one reason our foundation was built upon the ideal of inalienable rights - one of which is the right to bear arms

The people just now buying guns and ammo aren’t the kind of people who will be any useful part of a war.

The people who would be useful have been stocked up for many years and not been a problem.

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So what has the right to bear arms have to do with a federal election, is one side proposing an overthrow of the constitution and bring about a dictatorship? Which party, the Republicans , the Democrats, whichever one you (not you personally) oppose ideologically.

I think we’re more likely be looking at the start of the road to the Balkanization of the US.

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Quote from ThinkingSapien “I understand some walmarts removed guns from some of their shelves.”

And, according to the CBC, replaced them.

Why do I have to go to Canadian news to get this information?

I think the news media is stirring the pot with speculation about this. Yesterday, NPR was all over it, interviewing Democrats who were shopping for firearms but couldn’t really articulate why.
On the positive side, support for the Second Amendment seems to be increasing across party lines.
Perhaps in the next election, we will see Democratic and Republican candidates verbally sparring over who is most determined to uphold the Constitution of The United States.

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Who said the purchasing of arms has to do with this election? Not me, perhaps you …

We do have the right to self protection -even from a tyrannical government…that is of course how the United States of America came into being …throwing off the binds that kept us tied to Great Britain and the King that oppressed the people who were his subjects.

I am a citizen not a subject. I imagine people are purchasing arms now because Biden gas promised to restrict guns and said he would place Beto to innact his policies - that same Beto who promised government confiscation …

I don’t believe the purchases are intended for an armed uprising against a duly elected government and as we witnessed over the last nearly four years there are less bloody ways to attempt an overthrow a duly elected administration…it didn’t work but they certainly tried…perhaps it’s the uprising of the Left you fear …they have been practicing for months now

Yes, I, my family, and all my friends and co-workers are ready to rumble! Just another day of fun in the Big Apple.


Businesses in various cities are boarding up.

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