NYT Publisher Complains to Trump About ‘Potential’ Violence Against Journalists – Ignores Over 500 Violent Attacks on Trump Supporters



I touched on this in another post, but I am fearful for the similarities between where we are now and the political environment of pre-Nazi Germany.

We all detest fascists. It’s still ingrained in our culture from the sacrifices our greatest generation made in defeating them. There is nobody in mainstream America who supports fascism, naziism, racism, etc.

But what caused the rise of the fascists in 1920-1930’s Europe? Another evil: communists.

In pre-war Germany the communists were a growing threat to the nation and Germanic culture. Communists then, like today, don’t let people simply disagree with them as EVERYONE MUST become part of their commune, and under communism force is justified to make everyone obey with communism: very similar to today’s communists attacking people who disagree with them. People eventually had enough of this and there was the rise of the counter-communist: the fascist.

I don’t think fascism will rise in America (and despite the histrionics from the American left, we are no-where near fascism), but if it does it will be as a response to leftist violence.


The complaint was about Trump’s calling the journalists “The Enemy of the People.” These are very strong words for a President - especially one with loyal popular support - to use. It is not hard to imagine that these supporters will take these words as license to do violence against journalists.

As for violence against Trump supporters, the New York Times is not calling for that. The Washington Post is not calling for that. In fact no mainstream media is calling for that. So it is a non-sequitur to couple that subject with the subject of Trump’s comment. But it is what I would expect of the Gateway Pundit!


Agreed Trump’s speech is unpresidential and inflammatory…although part of his appeal is that he fights back against leftist attacks (unlike other Republicans who were more presidential but didn’t fight back).

And nobody said the NYT is overtly calling for violence.

But my point is the leftists in America are violent, with similar tactics and purposes as communist violence in prewar Germany.

People remember the evil of facism. They don’t remember the evil of socialism/communism (which are effectively the same thing in regards to individual human freedoms)


Some leftists are violent. Out of the approximately 150 million liberals in the US, no more than 1,000 have proven themselves to be violent, wouldn’t you say? That is 0.00067%. You can’t say “liberals are violent” if only 0.00067% of them are. It would not surprise me if we found 1,000 right-wing people in the US who are violent as well. And all of this is a non-sequitur to the complaint by the NYT owner.


I didn’t say liberals. I said leftists.

There are FAR, FAR more than 1000 leftists in America.

Of course, the Democrat party embraces them…and that’s a problem.


OK, then leftists. There are about 150 million leftists in America.

The number 1000 was referring the number of violent leftists.


No, you again confuse liberal with leftists, when they are diametrically opposed to each other. It’s a shame that you don’t know this yet teach young people.

I am more liberal than most Democrat politicians today.

And looking at the numbers of violent, damaging protests of the past 6-8 years there are much more than a couple thousand violent leftists.

One unrepentant violent leftist is still teaching our youth in college, his name is Bill Ayers…a good friend of our past President.


I am not a teacher. I am retired software developer.

OK, how many would you say?


The Fascists and the Communists were both socialists.
The Fascist won the inter-socialist fight in pre war Germany.
There was also a big inter-socialist fight in Russia that the Bolsheviks won.
Both socialist groups persecuted other socialist groups when they got to power.
It’s just what socialists have historically done. Remove all opposition.


Interesting that you bring up fascism and communism. It wasn’t that long ago that those who opposed the Vietnam War and the draft were called communists or communist-sympathizers.


That’s nonsense.

A few self-styled “antifa” clowns in Berkeley are not exactly the equivalent of Communists in Weimar Germany.


I disagree. While the purposes and the tactics of the fascists and communists/socialists were similar, and therefore difficult to tell apart, there is a big difference between a fascist and a communist/socialist. A fascist wants to protect the power of the corporations (which is usually in league with the government). This is one reason German manufacturing was able to outperform everyone else for a short period of time. At the same time, fascists are against worker/labor rights…again a reason German manufacturing was able to outperform everyone else for a short period of time. Meanwhile, socialists/communists are the opposite on these two ideas (scant property/corporate rights, yet robust labor rights)…which is why socialist/communist industries rarely perform well.

Of course, many of them were. Jane Fonda comes to mind.

Correct. Today’s BLM/Antifa clowns wouldn’t know how to actually wage war if they had to. They have been busy dressing up in their tutus for the gay rights parades instead of reading Alinsky or, following in the footsteps of Bill Ayers, learning how to build bombs.

Fortunately this puts us in a current position where those of us who are against fascism AND socialism are not too afraid of the socialists. But if there comes a time when the socialists become organized, and actually militant (lets say bombing police stations again), then my concern is what will happen with the common-sense people who oppose them. There are already some organizations (like the Oath-keepers, etc) who oppose them, but they are immediately labeled as “racist”, “bigot”, “homophobe”, etc by the mainstream media.

So what’s to stop these organizations from falling to the other extreme?


How insightful.

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