NZ Judge Overrules Parents in Child Name

Pretty funny, actually:


Here’s the question: How would you feel if a judge in America did the same? Is it within governmental scope to change the admittedly unfortunate name of a child, against their parent’s wishes?

don’t our judges make worse decisions regularly?
if they can over rule the proposals voted in by the larger population, who’s to say they won’t over rule a parental decision.

how do we stop it? now that’s the question!

I think that depends on which one you’re talking about stopping. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, you’re right. It’s a drop in the bucket considering all the other issues we tussle with daily but you’ve gotta admit… Talula Does the Hula is rather…unfortunate unless you plan on living in a commune for the rest of your life.

Still, I imagine that if this ruling had been done in America though, people would be all up in arms about it.

The full name was "Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii". :eek:

Not by a judge but by a dean.

True Story…

I taught a year at college in New England. Once, while I was in the a meeting with the Dean of Administration, a young girl who’s last name is Dejesus asked to see the dean… Saying the name in Spanish sounds very appropriate, but when said as an English name sound kinds of blasphemous… The girl insisted on using the English pronunciation, which offended the dean… He told her to change her names pronunciation or leave the school…

It’s a horrible name and a disrespect to the child. Makes a mockery of the child.

I could see the ACLU taking up this case!!

This just begs the question as to WHY a parent would treat the name of their own offspring as a joke? Are their lives really so shallow? To name a child “#16 Bus Shelter”? Please someone, just give me a logical explanation as to why someone would name their child this?:confused:

Ordinarily, I am against more government intrusion, but I really feel sorry for that girl. I can’t believe they named her Talulah Does The Hula From Hawaii!!!

Unless the child adores the name, I have no problem with the judge ruling that the name should be changed for the child’s sake. :thumbsup:

Honestly, what kind of person chooses a name so intentionally ridiculous so as to make their child ashamed of their own name? :frowning:

:thumbsup: Good they changed the girls name. I recall years ago in the paper they had an article from France. According to the article, these parents wanted to give their kid a weird name like Cream Cheese or something.I don’t recall the actual name they wanted to use.Anyhow according to french law you cannot give your child some weirdo name.The name has to be some christian name or name from your culture that will not cause the child to be
the subject of ridicule.Apparently the law goes back quite a ways
I thought back to Napoleon.
In Germany they have such a law too,from another case I read about some time ago.
These parents are idiots.
In our family there aren’t any weirdo names. Everyone is named for a saint.Some names, like Ferdinand, Fridolin,Barbara,Appolonia and others go way back from what little family research I have been able to do.
Gosh what crazy people there are in the world.

Yeah… the only oddly named person in my family is my Aunt La Rue, which as I understand it means ‘The Street’ in French. :shrug:

Everyone else has normal names. Constance, Reginald, Gilda, etc…

Musicians, perhaps? Frank Zappa named his four children:
Moon Unit
Ahmet Emuukha Rodan
Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen

Dweezil was born Ian Donald Calvin Euclid Zappa. Not quite as weird. :smiley:

I’m glad the United States doesn’t have lists of approved names, but I wish some parents had better sense than to name their kids with names like “#16 Bus Shelter”. At least “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii” could drop most of the name, and just go by “Talula”.

How would everyone feel about a judge’s intervention if parents wanted to name a child with one or more obscenities, like the “F” word, for example? (Happily, I’ve never known a parent to use words like that in a child’s name, although I have seen it in pets’ names – bad enough, as far as I’m concerned).

True story, when I was working my way through college, I worked in a hospital admitting office registering patients. A little girl was being admitted for a tonsillectomy. Her mom speaking broken English told me that her daughter’s name was pronounced…
Phy…mal…ee. But when I asked her to please give me the correct spelling…she spelled out F…E…M…A…L…E. I asked her how did she get this name. She said the hospital named her when she was born.:shrug:

I think the judge was right. A name of that kind constitutes a form of emotional abuse.

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