O’ America, What Has Happened To You?

O’ America, What Has Happened To You?

O’ America, you were built upon religious principles which are now covered over. What has happened to America? It is awash in material goods that it cannot afford, steeped in immorality, drowning in a debt that it cannot pay and killing its young before they are born. What has happened to the light set upon the mountain?

O’ America, money is our false god, it will be our downfall. We will drown in the very money which we print so plentifully. The dollar will become the laughing stock of the nations. The mighty dollar will be like a sick man who has no strength.

O’ America, we focus on our wallets – the work of the enemy of God. In the past, we focused on protection on the unborn and on marriage; becoming holy in His Eyes by living the 10 Commandments and being a moral nation. To the extend we do this is the extent God can help us mend our economy and social sicknesses.

O’ America, we are dying from within, unable to reverse the tide that has been unleashed by us turning to the secular. Our roots were religious, based upon the strength of the Churches and the high morality of our people, in the sanctity of life and the holiness of marriage. We guarded our young against pornography. We flourished in the discipline of our life and in the discipline of our spending.

O’ America, our problems are of our own making; the foundation of which is the rejection of God’s love. The enemy has gained the hearts of many of our sons and daughters; including those with much responsibility and influence; our lawmakers, and those in the media and the entertainment industry. They are like Judases, ready to sell us out, ready to betray us for their own interests.

O’ America, now, we want our freedoms, even those that violate God’s Will. We do not want to be a nation under God. We do not want to know God’s Will. We want to divorce God and go our separate way. And then in our stupidity we ask, “Why do we have so many problems?” How foolish and blind we are, America. We will reap what we have sown while God cries tears of sadness for His beloved children.

O’ America, we have listened to the wrong voice – that of God’s enemy. We must return to the generosity and sacrifice that made us great. We must return to the truth that guided us – that Truth is God.

O’ America, another movement must stir. New voices must be raised that proclaim, “We will not turn our backs on God. We will not renounce our Christian roots. We will not have our identity changed. We began as a Christian nation. We prospered as a Christian nation. We will only continue to exist if we remain a Christian nation”. Stop holding back. Come out of hiding. Speak up. Confront this erasing of Christian identity. We are the majority. Our voice should be strong. We need to take back our nation; reclaim our house, before it is too late.

We need to pray for the conversion of the liberal Catholics. It is they who put the current President for two terms to arouse class hatred, to denounce Christian value, to encourage laziness and entitlement, to implement communism, to attack the Catholic Church, and to destroy religious freedom. At the same time, the President promotes materialism by spending people’s money for his personal extravagant vacations frequently without a blink.

Not until those deceived liberal Catholics wake up and be converted, there is NO hope for America.

OTOH, who among us would want to go back to the good ol’ days in this country when Blacks were treated as less than human, women were not allowed to vote, antisemitism was rampant, and disabled people as well as gays were not even on the radar with regard to equal rights? It’s been a tough struggle for these and several other groups and the battle continues.

Christian identity? There is a group that goes by that name. A Christian nation? I think you might mean a Protestant nation.

All of the above, as well as anti Catholicism to the extent that Catholics were forbidden by law from holding public office in some places.

No, America has never been the utopia that the OP claims.

Agreed. Don’t forget the massacre of Native Americans and there forced resettlement.

Better a nation with Judeo-Christian values than an atheist nation …

Quit trying to change the subject.


I don’t want to go backward into a mythical Christian past, I want to go forward into a just society.

What happened to America is quite clear. Briefly, as we were encouraged, over a 40 year period, primarily through the media, to let in a little sin and then a little more, followed by a little more - we got here. A priest on Catholic Radio said too many Catholics are living like pagans. If you’d like details, I have them.

It was all carefully planned and I can give you the key events if you wish.

To those who would distract with other topics - forget it. I was there. I watched the slow, gradual poisoning of the American people. It pained me as certain well-documented events occurred.

The media, most of it, is no longer a welcomed guest in your home. It is not your friend.


Moral values are wonderful; it’s how these values are put into practice that sometimes worries me.

I believe my comment is an integral part of the subject.

Disease killed most of the Native Americans, but your point is not lost on me.

Jesus had a liberal mentality, that’s something only real Christians would understand.

I wouldn’t be for any type of big government—secular or religious. :yup:

10,000 years of solid show humanity can’t handle it. :ouch:

And typhus killed a lot of people in Dachau. :shrug:

You’ll have to explain that one better :yup: :popcorn:

It’s better to discriminate others and follow primitive rules and not be “persecuted” by others regarding their own personal harmless lives. Is that what you mean?

Liberal if not revolutionary: just ask any of the other rabbis of the period!

Very true - but I think we should remember the good as well as the bad. Jews and Christians risked (and lost) their lives marching for civil rights in the 60’s.

Good point, and I agree.

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