O.J. Simpson plans to convert to Islam


From the Arizona Republic:
O.J. Simpson is set to convert to Islam.

The former American footballer and movie star has been imprisoned in Nevada since 2008 on charges of kidnapping and armed robbery in relation to an armed robbery that took place at the Palace Station hotel-and-casino in Las Vegas in which sports memorabilia was taken.

After seeing his appeal for a re-trial quashed last and being informed in July 2013 he will serve at least another four years, Simpson has embraced the religion in a bid to change his life.

While I certainly hope that he is able to straighten his life out, I am troubled whenever I hear about somebody converting to Islam – this is no exception.


I didn’t post this thread to spread gossip about The Juice.

With the talk recently about US converts going over to Iraq/Syria/Somalia to support Islamic Extremists, it seems timely to talk about the whole issue of Islamic prison ministry.

Specifically, why are we seeing the number of converts to Islam from prison that we are? On a related note, is what they are hearing “peaceful” Islam…or is it “radical” Islam? Next, is it your understanding if they are getting “parole board” conversions (like what happens a lot with Christian prison ministry) or are they getting mostly “authentic” conversions?

It’s been a long time (mid 80s) since I’ve done any prison ministry, so I can’t say one way or the other…


You seem troubled that US citizens may/are fighting along side ISIS. Why? That is their choice. We need to consider all sides.

Israel has one of the largest number of Americans serving in its military, with roughly 1,000 Americans who did not grow up in Israel, yet are serving with Israeli Defence Force (IDF) A spokeswoman Lt. Libby Weiss said it has about 4,000 non-Israeli-born troops. These fought in Gaza against a civilian population.

In The Spanish Civil War I believe US citizens fought on both sides. It may now be time to change the rules for US citizens fighting or financially supporting foreign powers.

OJ will probably find Islam very welcoming, esp. in its traditional view of women.


Unbelievable… We need not consider a side that takes pride in decapitations of innocent men, women, children, Christians, journalists, fellow Muslims, etc. They are sick, demented monsters. Anyone who takes ISIS’ side is a mortal enemy of all who are good, decent and God-fearing. I can understand, however, why OJ would relate to them! :blush: Rob


He surely will after demonstrating that he practiced with Nicole and Ron! Birds of a feather flock together!


Even if O.J. plans to convert to Catholicism,

he still got away with murder.


Israel has one of the largest number of Americans serving in its military, with roughly 1,000 Americans who did not grow up in Israel, yet are serving with Israeli Defence Force (IDF)

Jews not born in Israel can still claim Israeli citizenship.

There is a serious difference between fighting for a sovereign nation wherein one holds or can claim citizenship, and joining a terror organization.

IMNAAHO, any US Citizen or permanent resident connected with ISIS should be charged with treason, as they are “adhering to the enemy.”



OJ wants to convert to ISLAM? Hmmmm…

The Ft. Hood shooter has announced that he wants to join ISIS.



Why would someone be troubled by US citizens fighting for ISIS? Really…? Also, what do you mean its time to change the rules for US citizens fighting with foreign fighters?


After they get done with their stint overseas for ISIS, they will come back to the US and kill us, that’s why!


Personal i think that if you chose to fight with people like ISIS you should have your citizenship and passport taken off you, as you dont seem to be able or willing to follow the laws of that land you dont deserve to be recognized as one of its citizens.


Islam finds many of it’s converts in the U.S. prison system, especially among the black population.


I got that.

But, why? That’s what I can’t figure out.


Because its viewed as a strong religion, as opposed to Christianity, which is viewed as a timid religion. Modern Christians are often perceived as apologizing and equivocating.


Because they get ripped out of their black neighborhoods by white cops working for a white government… Its racism and hate that Islam uses as a tool for conversion just the same way that Islam often uses racism against the Jews. Its no coincidence that the New Black Panthers showed up in Missouri when the riots started. The New Black Panthers is an Islamic group that calls for the annihilation of all Southern whites in the United States.

Islam will use any means possible to get a conversion, including murder and terror by some.


From what I have read, the Muslims are like a prison gang. They force convert people. It’s a big problem in the British prison system.

About half a dozen of my clients have directly reported problems with being forced to convert … those that weren’t Muslim when they came in and those that were and have been forced to look at more radical ideas about their faith."

It is the potential route to extremism that will be of most concern to the authorities.

There is no automatic pathway but Jihadist groups do focus on the vulnerable - and new converts in the prison environment offer them a captive audience.

Former Home Secretary Lord Reid told Sky News: "When they arrive in prison, inmates often feel isolated, lacking in identity.

"They don’t have family groups and kinships around them. On top of that, very often there’s a need for protection, a feeling that you’ve arrived in prison, you’re on your own but there are people who appear like you, who give you a set of beliefs but also the protection of being in a gang.

“It is a very, very fertile ground for recruitment and proselytization and radicalisation in prison.”

There are currently around 11,200 Muslims in prison in England and Wales.



What do you mean by this? Do they get “ripped out” for no reason? I personally know plenty of black people who are afraid of leaving their houses at night due to crime.

Our president is black, there are many black members of Congress, mayors, etc.

I agree there is racism, on both sides.


Youre blinding yourself with PC… When blacks stick together within their sub-culture, they isolate themselves and fail to assimilate with the greater society. Thats why Obama doesnt talk like Dr. Dre or snoop doggy dog -because he didnt isolate himself out of racism.

Name one politician, black or white, who talks like a rapper. They dont say ‘waz up cuz’ when they greet people on capital hill… End the racial sub-cultures. Be American. :cool:


Ok, got it. Thanks for clarifying.

I think you’re right about the isolationism. It’s dangerous in that it engenders ignorance and myths.

There’s a FB picture of a guy in Ferguson with a t-shirt that says he’d rather be confronted by ISIS than by the Ferguson police.


Gang, all the same principles, fear in a dangerous situation, safety in numbers, brotherhood, protection, belonging, loneliness and many abandoned, spiritual crisis. I haven’t heard about forced conversion in the US DOC. They are searching for the truth like everyone else. They claim its the only way to bring about a lasting reform in prison. After all the delusion of the revolving door, negative role models and vice, its probably viewed as the best alternative in regards to personal safety and peace of mind. Many leave and leave the faith also after release. Some become radical others really normal spiritual people.

We create our own problems here, and this one too is our making in the DOC. Islam is about 20% of the US population incarcerated and may well be the biggest factor in conversion in the US.


Maybe he thinks he can get more help finding the real killer that way. After all, he already looked through strip clubs, memorabilia shows, and every golf course in Florida without finding the real killer on his own :rolleyes:

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