O' little town of Bethleham


Sometime back I posted about Christians emigrating not because of Israel, but due to persecution by muslims. If you go to www.jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch you will find evidence. Our co-religionists suffer terribly and have told me the same things when I was there.


[size=4]Misery tempts Palestinian Christians to flee

[/size]**Monday March 12, 01:24 PM
BETHLEHEM, West Bank (Reuters) - Despairing of life under Israeli occupation, many Palestinian Christians are moving abroad, threatening their ancient links to Bethlehem and the land where Jesus was born.

“There is a real fear that 50 years down the road, the Holy Land will be without Christians,” said Mitri Raheb, 45-year-old pastor of the Lutheran Church in Bethlehem. Pressures on majority Muslims are just as daunting – and many of them also leave – but dwindling Christian communities look more precarious as the young and dynamic pull up roots.

About 50,000 Christians live in the territories Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East war – east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Another 110,00 reside in Israel.

Two-thirds of the population now live in poverty, according to the British charity Oxfam, with more than half unable to meet their families’ daily food requirements without assistance.

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[size=4]The Life of Gaza’s only Catholic Priest Msgr. Manuel Musallam[/size]

“…in Gaza and in the Holy Land, we say we have eight sacraments,” he said. “The eighth sacrament is the sacrament of hope. Without this sacrament, you cannot survive in this land.”

"“We cannot go. We cannot come. Everything is closed. It is a big prison. Fear, stress, hunger, lack of work, lack of electricity, lack of water. And more. Lack of police, lack of law, lack of justice, lack of freedom.”



I remembered reading this article and had to search their Dec. archives to find it. It’s actually called “O, Muslim Town of Bethlehem” and was originally posted in The Daily Mail.

Here’s the link:


What those people are going through is just terrible! Religion of “peace”, my foot! :mad:


The article points out that it is not the Israeli “occupation” that is the main problem. It is muslim militancy. They told me that they would prefer Israeli rule.




hola padre,

is there any Catholic charity or organization that works with Christians in palestine so that we could help them? i am afraid that non catholic charities would be outlets for terrorist groups… also are there other things we could do aside from charities?

muchas gracias,
Dominus Vobiscum




There is one where I visited when I went back in 2000. He was palestine and and an associate of Madonna House, Combermere, Ont. The Foundress being the Servant of God Catherine de Hueck/Doherty. He took in youth from both Palestine and Jewish background. He died that very same year and his wife is continuing the shelter. I will get back to you. This is a very Catholic, very holy place

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