O Queen of Heaven, Rejoice! Alleluia!


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During the Easter season, we join Catholics around the world in praying the beautiful prayer " Regina Cœli." Although its authorship is unknown, it dates back to around the time of our founder, St. Francis (1100s), who himself had a great devotion to our Lady.

This Latin hymn, used both as the closing antiphon for night prayer, and also in place of the normal angelus, during Easter-time, can be translated: Queen of heaven rejoice, alleluia! For He whom you were chosen to bear, alleluia! Has risen as He said, alleluia! Pray for us to God, Alleluia! Rejoice and be glad, Virgin Mary, alleluia! For the Lord is truly risen, alleluia!
I am fond of a hymn, “Be Joyful, Mary,” which is based off this Marian antiphon. I imagine we will sing it on some of the Saturdays during the Easter season, which lasts through Pentecost I also enjoy singing the Latin text in concluding my night prayer.
It does strike me, though, that we should be encouraging Our Mother to rejoice; it makes me wonder what all she would have experienced that first Easter. I certainly am glad to voice the words “Pray for us to God, alleluia” because I am in need of her motherly intercession.


I just found out the other day that this prayer is said between Easter and Pentecost instead of the Angelus. I had heard of the Regina Coeli before. It is a beautiful prayer.

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