Oath on modernism supressed - why?


I heard priests use to take an oath against modernism, which was probably a good thing (at least at the time), I’m curious as to why that would have been supressed. Isn’t there still a lot of modernists in the Church?




Maybe you can provide some kind of citation for this oath, because I sure have never heard of it.


I believe this oath, proscribed by Pius X, was “put away” at Vatican II. I believe it was viewed as unnecessary for a priest to swear to it anymore because of the assumption that all the errors of modernism were anathema to the Church and thus included in one’s formation to the priesthood.
The swearing to the oath is gone, but Modernism is still condemned, along with it’s siblings; Rationalism, Liberation Theology, Communism, and Enlightment.


Sure, here it is:



A shining eample of an unjustified assumption. :frowning:


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