Obama: A brand in search of a slogan


Obama: A brand in search of a slogan

Everyone knows what Barack Obama’s campaign slogan was in 2008. No one seems to know what it will be for 2012.The White House has been cycling through catchphrases since announcing his reelection bid a year ago: Winning the Future, We Can’t Wait, An America Built to Last, An Economy Built to Last, A Fair Shot.
They seem to be looking for one to resonate — and the constant unveiling of new ones suggests that so far, none of them have. To communications experts, the kaleidoscope of slogans is the latest reflection of the difficulties finding and marketing a message that Obama has faced almost since his inauguration — another challenge that came with the shift from insurgent outsider to sitting president.

“He’s all over the place,” said Bruce I. Newman, the Bill Clinton brand-messaging adviser whose “Bridge to the 21st Century” helped define Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign.
Yes, a slogan is just a few words for the background of campaign lit and stump speeches. But its importance, Newman explained, shouldn’t be understated.
“That becomes the branding of the whole campaign,” he said. “That becomes the anchor to bring together disparate voter segments. It’s the glue, if you will.”

The only credible slogan for either side is “The Other Guy’s Worse”.



Well, the GOP could always say, “How’s that hope and change workin’ out for ya?” :smiley:

I hear on NPR today that the admin is thinking about another stimulus :eek:.


Or as Brewster said, “None of the above”.



Actually I wish they would put a “none of the above” line on the ballot, not that it would affect the outcome.

‘‘Four more years of an Obama administration: No hope, no change’’

We are still hoping for a change?

I can think of two:

Gimme another chance!

I’ll do better next time, I promise.


No hope is right, but there’s change. Although, I think people were hoping for dollar bills instead.:stuck_out_tongue:

I think “We can’t wait!” was my favorite.

I’m not surprised none of the proposed slogans “resonated,” they seem entirely disattached from any reality whatsoever!



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaase, gimme your vote! (yes, for no reason at all !)

There’s a reason. He’ll be more "flexible. "

From “hope and change” to Let’s hope it changes…soon":smiley:

“Four More years! I’ve taken you hope, now Ill take your change”

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