Obama Accuses Trump of Exploiting Working-Class Fears

I know the Vatican is in favor of open borders claiming that allowing open borders is the compassionate thing to do and that it will help unite the world.

Now we have a quote from the President that we had to too good. We deserve to to compete with all the immigrants.

"“particularly blue-collar men have had a lot of trouble in this new economy, where they are no longer getting the same bargain that they got when they were going to a factory and able to support their families on a single paycheck,” .

So even through Americans will have to compete with millions and millions of foreign workers, but at least we can take comfort in the fact we are compassionate and uniting the world. It like I have been saying, the middle class is ignored but the church and our politicans. Both are only worried about the poor and the elite class.


The title in your link says

Obama Accuses Trump of Exploiting Working-Class Fears

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Anyway, this is the Obama quote that stood out to me.

In the wide-ranging interview, conducted the day before he left Washington on Friday for a two-week holiday vacation with his family in Hawaii, Mr. Obama defended his approach to taking on the Islamic State. He dismissed the notion that the militant group is an existential threat to the United States even as he conceded that he had received “legitimate criticism” for failing to adequately explain his strategy for confronting it.

I thought Democrats were for the working class while the Republicans were for the overlords.

There seems to be some classism in Obama’s words.

Of course there is classism in his words. We’ve been hearing him pander to the poor , unwashed bitter clingers for years now.

Seems to be, he creates his own double standards and ought to take his own advice while he has Loretta Lynch vow to prosecute anti-muslim speech. Hillary too with her latest Trump rant.

“Feel free to disagree with somebody,” the president said, “but don’t try to just shut them up.”

Trump is exploiting the egregious failure of Obama’s policies, and the race-baiting that has been the mainstay of Obama’s terms in the White House.
It is that kind of race-baiting that makes demagogues like Trump possible.

Obama ought to accept the fact which obviously he is having an issue dealing with, a good many americans don’t think much of him or his failed policies. :shrug:

Oh yes, those who cling to guns and religion.

And of course everyone ought to believe Trump recruits for Isis. :rolleyes: What educated class is this type of rhetoric aimed at?

We’ve seen it numerous times on this board. Don’t say mean things about jihadidts it turns them into well…jihadists

The premise of the statement that Trump helps ISIL recruitment is:
Because Trump’s rhetoric towards Muslims lacks nuance, it insults and alienates ALL Muslims.

There are some Muslims who support western democracy. The help of this group of Muslims is very important to help defeat radicalism.

There are some Muslims who are apolitical. They want to be left alone to practice their religion and raise their families.

There are some professed Muslims who, for whatever reason, hate western culture and want to express their hate through random violence against innocent people.

By insulting and proposing oppressive government policies against all Muslims, Trump gives ISIL recruiters fuel to grow hate and motivate random violence - especially with Muslims who do not have an understanding and affinity for democracy. It is unreasonable and unwise to expect to defeat ISIL through hatefulness and discrimination towards all Muslims. In addition, in my humble opinion, voters who support Trump’s rhetoric are promoting a self-inflicted wound to democracy and the rule of law - I for one do not want to become my own worst enemy.

To believe this, one has to assume no Muslim understands what happens in politics. And frankly, if i were a peaceful American Muslim, I would want a serious look at immigration policies from Muslim lands because I wouldn’t want to be in the cross hairs someday of someone like Tashfeen Malik. If any Muslims in the U.S. want the Tashfeens to have liberal entry, then they’re either islamists themselves or just crazy.

As to the Muslims overseas, they don’t much like the U.S. anyway, never did and probably never will as long as Israel exists. Even without Israel, they won’t really like us, Russia or China particularly, because we’re the “big nuts” that Islam will have to crack in order for the whole world to be one big caliphate.

Yes you do have a point. Those who have fled violence in their native lands, of which I am one of them, would not like to see the same type of people who were responsible for all that death to follow us here.

Hmmm…I wonder why they elected him - twice. :hmmm:

Thats the Hillary line, though she lied the premise was right. :rolleyes:

The actual event I’m referring to had to do with Donald Trump. (Of course.) In one of the more jaw dropping moments of the night, Clinton stared down the audience and proclaimed as fact that ISIS was showing videos of Donald Trump to aspiring radicals in an effort to recruit them.


Trumps point is National Security, the only fear mongering is from Obama and Hillary.

Obama is spot on right; it’s undeniable.:shrug:

This more or less just the mainstream Western media attacking the GOP front-runner to help Hillary 2016.

Rubio was right; they are the DNC’s own personal SuperPac.

Liberals claim to support the poor yet are controlled by the very very rich elitist.

Both parties have very elitist tendencies. Both are based on the fatal conceit that we need government to manage our affairs.

So every single american voted for him?

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