Obama Admin Hides Public Comments Against Obamacare Mandate

Obama Admin Hides Public Comments Against Obamacare Mandate

Washington, DC – The Obama administration today is coming under fire from pro-life advocates who submitted tens of thousands of public comments opposing a new mandate that would force insurance companies to cover birth control, contraception and drugs that may cause abortions.


I know that my own bishop as well as numerous bishops and individuals sent comments to HHS about the proposed rule. It was my understanding that public comments to proposed regulations would be made available to the public. But apparently HHS buried them.

P.S.: I have to add that, having once worked at a Federal Agency myself, I know how the comment process generally works. The agency proposes a new regulation or rule. It posts it in the Federal Register and provides a given periiod of time for public comments. It receives some comments. In the case of the agency I worked for, it would publish the comments, usually by those in the industry indicating deficiencies in the proposed rule, followed by the agency’s own rejoinders.

Regardless of the public comments, the agency then goes ahead and does what it wants, making the rule final.

Still, the fact of public comment–their nature and number–was not usually buried.

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