Obama Admin Removes Death Panels After Pro-Life Backlash

Obama Admin Removes Death Panels After Pro-Life Backlash

Washington, DC – After massive pro-life backlash following the publication of new rules instituting “death panels,” the Obama administration has agreed to remove them from ObamaCare.


For now, anyway. From the linked article:

Democrats dropped the idea during consideration of the health care law in Congress after significant public pressure, and now the Obama administration has followed suit — just days after the new rules went into effect on January 1.

Does anyone seriously believe he won’t try again (maybe even by executive order)?

There’s no such thing as “death panels.” If you don’t trust your doctor to counsel you about your options for end-of-life care, then you obviously need to change doctors.

Precisely…I’m so tired of the disinformation on this. No one is going to come to Grandma’s house and say:
“How old are you?”
“Time to die granny, bang!”

This is about you making decisions about the how the end of your life so people you don’t even know won’t make them for you. Do you want to be kept in a vegatative state? Do you want extreme measures taken to revive you if you have a terminal illness? Etc.

I agree - this is so silly. It is the doctors who were pushing for this. They are given so little time with each patient under Medicare and Insurance policies. Its rush, rush, rush, get 'em in, get 'em out of your office, “next please.” If most of your practice is elderly or very sick and dying patients, you can’t just take forever with one patient and then have the rest pile up. Being able to schedule a special session at a special pay rate would have been such a blessing.

This part of the legislation was to reimburse doctors so they can afford to take more time for consultation and advice about end of life decisions. It was NOT to kill anyone or do euthanasia. It was to answer questions about the progress of the diseases one faces at the end of life, the side effects, what types of meds, hospice, find out what your wishes are on resuscitation, and what measures you would or would not like used.

Without this in the bill, the doctors will not be able to afford taking the time for what is a very intimate, delicate and sensitive subject, one that often takes place with other family members.

There was no panel of Dr. Kevorkians. This is just fear mongering brought on by Palin and the Obama-haters-at-any-cost group. So sad.

My sister is a hospice nurse, and she NEVER counsels euthanasia or any such thing, but she was so pleased about this bit of the bill - said it would be so comforting for the dying and elderly to be afforded this extra courtesy of a doctor’s time.

“Death panel” was, originally, a reference to the cost/benefit board established over private medicine in the legislation Obama signed. This board (as Obama supporter Paul Krugman admitted on ABC’s “This Week”) will be able to impose “more or less binding judgments” refusing care.

From lifenews.com/2010/04/07/bio-3084/
[Krugman] said these judgments will save “a lot of money” in the context of treating the elderly and people with disabilities and terminal illnesses.

Krugman also said the panel will prevent treatment that isn’t “medically” useful.

Wesley J. Smith, an author and attorney who is a bioethics watchdog, noticed the interview.

“No, the money won’t be taken out of the hide of patients who want physiologically useless treatment, it will come at the lethal cost to patients whose treatment will be refused because it could work, based on the invidious judgment that the patient’s life is not worth the money to support,” he said in response.

“In short, Krugman has admitted that contrary to the many mendacious denials by Obamacare supporters, the new regime will impose rationing,” as happens in the UK, Smith added.

“This is akin to imposing a duty to die because when we reach a certain point in life, we will not be able to obtain treatment we want that could keep us going. Indeed, for me, this centralized federal control over what will and will not be provided in medicine–and to whom–is the biggest reason (among so many) why Obamacare is wrong,” Smith commented.

Remember when the federal government tried telling women not to get mammograms until they are much older then currently recommended?

**Unfortunately, this type of counseling, if mandated by the government, is not about informing people of their options, it is designed to advise them to take the lowest cost option to save the government health care program money.

There is a big difference between making informed decisions when you ask for them & having a mandated annual counseling session where vulnerable, sick or depressed elderly people could be convinced that they are a burden to their families or society & thus choose to opt for euthanasia.**

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


It’s very interesting and troubling how much of this “law” is being decided outside of the legislative process. If the administration can decide “now it’s in – oops, wait, now it’s out” about this, what else can they change on a whim?

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