Obama Administration Admits It Wrongly Tracked Abortion Groups in Wisconsin

Madison, WI (LifeNews.com) – The Department of Homeland Security admitted today that it improperly conducted a threat assessment on pro-life and pro-abortion groups in Wisconsin. The assessment came before an expected rally last year in response to the University of Wisconsin Hospital board decided to allow abortions.

       In              February 2009, pro-life advocates planned to protest the hospital's              decision to open up a new Madison Surgery Center doing abortions.


The Obama administration never ceases to disgust me. They probably did this assessment on the pro-life group simply because they disagreed with them.

Ugh. I guess that is what we get when we have 50% of Catholics voting to kill babies.

I would think they should declare prolifers as extremely peaceful! after all babies are being murdered and yet these extreme religous nuts continue to work peacefully to resolve the issue. All the while agonizing over each infant that is terrorized, prolife prays!

She should be ashamed, so should the Administration, even abortionists should.

I will pray to the Lord of Peace and Mercy

Yeah, it’s not like anyone has shot and killed any abortion doctors lately.

I mean… wait, yes, there has.

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