Obama administration asks CIA to prepare revenge cyber attack against Russia


**The White House is considering launching an unprecedented cyber attack against Russia in retaliation for their alleged interference in the US election, intelligence officials say.

Current and former officials have said that the CIA has been asked to deliver options for “clandestine” cyber operations designed to “embarrass” the Russian government.

The anonymous officials told NBC News the CIA were already operating cyber doors, selecting targets and making other preparations for an operation. **

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Wouldn’t this be more of an NSA type activity than CIA?

Makes a good story, sells papers, commercials…I would be more impressed if O’man tasked NSA et al to improve our internet security! Which would be much more helpful to all.

If it’s supposed to be clandestine…

It means that the United States probably just declared war on Russia.

Depends how lawyers and other dishonest tricksters in government decide to define or redefine Geneva Convention rules of engagement.



War will be here soon enough I’m sure.
Putin is a responsible man and the only grown up around the table, but even he got his limits.
Me think it would be nice for the morons in Washington to remember that Russia has friends too, like China for example.

But if the democrats wants war I’m sure their wish will be granted at some point.

Perhaps Congress could vote “NO”, since declaration of war is a Congressional responsibility.

Where is Paul Ryan?

The Senate is currently composed of 54 Republicans, 44 Democrats, and 2 independents, both of whom caucus with the Democrats. The current leaders are Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. Joe Biden is president of the Senate.

Yep, we are doomed.

Maybe our bureaucrats could drag their feet until after November 8, 2016. They are good at dragging their feet most of the time already.

Or, maybe Congress could impeach and remove Obama and install Biden as President.

Tail wagging the dog ?

They don’t really know Russia is responsible for the hacking. It’s entirely possible for a hacker to “seem” to originate from somewhere, yet be at another place entirely. Regardless, it doesn’t mean it’s the Russian government even if it originated in Russia.

And it seems telling the truth really isn’t all that much an “interference” with U.S. elections, and probably won’t affect the outcome anyway.

But all the same, this administration is putting this country’s fate and the welfare of its citizens at the service of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It’s declaring war for Hillary Clinton. How little these people care about the people of the U.S.

Remember, if the CIA or whoever somehow harms information systems in Russia, it invites retaliation. Suppose Russia has the capability of wiping out all bank records in the U.S.? Are we really going to take that chance for the sake of Hillary Clinton’s anger at being exposed as a hater of Catholicism and disdainful of Hispanics and Sanders supporters?

If she’s willing to do that to us, what else does she have in store for us if she’s elected? What other wars does she have in mind if someone offends her or perhaps doesn’t pay her?

Oh yes, let’s tell them what we are going to do again! :clapping:

Mere bluster and noise as the sabre rattling dance continues in both America and Росси́я

:thumbsup: excellent post!

Beware of liberal globalists suddenly waving the flag and appealing to patriotism. Don’t fall for it.

Congress largely abdicated there responsibility to declare war after WW2. We’ve been in a dozen wars since then, none of them declared.

I hope the CIA doesn’t do it, it’s an incredibly foolish thing for them to do. At this point, I’ll take any aggression toward Russia before this election finishes, as proof of deep corruption that Clinton and the Obama Administration are trying to cover up.

“For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”

If that’s the case, I hope Putin can see what’s happening too, and hopefully he may be able to hold off until after the election, I’m hopeful he might, as this election may turn things around. If Clinton gets in, than he can let loose.

And I hope anyone in power in the U.S. not corrupted can do their best to sabotage any aggression against Russia which seeks to recklessly start a conflict.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

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I agree!

It would be clandestine Clinton style.

While the “Russian attack” looks more like a friendly helping hand for the American voters, this aggressive statement tries to fool people into focusing their attention to an “aggressor” rather than to the helping hand. Why should people care about all the lies told by the Clinton’s gang while there is an enemy at the gates? Clinton 's gang sold uranium to the Russians, so this is no doubt a very dangerous and irresponsible game played by them.

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