Obama administration confirms double-digit premium hikes


WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is confirming that premiums will go up sharply next year for health insurance sold to millions of consumers through HealthCare.gov.

Before taxpayer-provided subsidies, premiums for a midlevel benchmark plan will increase an average of 25 percent across states served by the federally run online market.

The number of insurers serving the federal market will drop from 232 to 167, a loss of about 28 percent.



If they admit this before the election, you can only imagine how much worse it will get after the election if Hillary wins. The whole scheme was never about health care. It was only about forcing people to buy insurance that may or may not fit their needs and being able to control another 18% of the economy.


Here’s the part I can’t believe people aren’t talking about “…before taxpayer provided subsidies”. So who do you think the “tax payers” are? Not the low income, they get the subsidy.


So not only does THEIR premium rise 25%, they get to pay for the low income persons 25% and the regular premiums…

And one of the candidates says they will add more taxpayer programs if elected!!!

Lord, please lift the veil of the blind.


Most insurance premiums were bound to be raised. Life insurance, Longterm care, etc.

Medical costs have been rising and interest rates are very low, prompting state regulators to force insurance companies to increase premiums to keep enough money (compounded less and less) in their reserves to cover claims.

Those who couldn’t cover the costs simply discontinued their coverage. This was the same before Obamacare.






Too many sick people signed up and the young people they were counting on didn’t sign up!

Nancy Pelosi’s famous words - “we have to pass it in order to know what’s in it!”
This was a betrayal to the American citizens that this was shoved down our throats!


Heidi Przybyla of USA Today was on Special Report with Bret Baeir on Fox News, and she said this would apply to “about 5 to 7 million people who fall into this category who don’t get the subsides”.

So there’s a bit of seemingly conflicting information regarding whether these people will get subsidies or not, but either way, it’s really unfortunate. There could be millions of people who have premium increases who are not eligible to get subsidies.


You can still call it the “affordable” care act as long as you use quotation marks.


That’s what happens when you keep rewriting it. The original House bill had a public option feature plus the Stupak Amendment but one Senator didn’t like the public option part so they rewrote the whole thing.


Too late to make excuses. They were warned about it.


More Hopie Changie Got to love it.


Interest rates are so low because the Obama economy is so bad.

And Obamacare premiums are and have been increasing faster than regular insurance. So Obamacare has fundamental problems completely different from traditional health insurance. It was a terrible law, that was never intended to succeed. And we’re seeing it fail much faster than the wizards of smart thought it would.


i was reading too yesterday that buying health insurance through the ACA exchanges doesn’t mean one will receive health care services. As an example:

Chicago Hopenchange: Major hospitals bail on ObamaCare for 2017



…Last week, in President Obama’s home town of Chicago, his supporters got a rude surprise. If they buy their health insurance on the ObamaCare exchange, they’d better look in some other city for hospitalization, because they won’t get covered in the Windy City:

Some of Chicago’s largest hospitals said they will not be part of any Cook County Affordable Care Act marketplace plans in 2017.

University of Chicago Medical Center and Rush University Medical Center both said they don’t plan to be in network for any Obamacare marketplace plans next year.

The change means patients with doctors at those hospitals will either need to find a plan off the marketplace, and lose Obamacare subsides, or find a new doctor.

Interestingly, Rush Oak Park Hopsital in the Chicago suburban area just made the news a day later after this announcement. It needs over $30 million to re-engineer its emergency-room facilities. Why? A flood of ObamaCare-covered patients has stretched it past its ability to respond. Wait, you might say — ObamaCare was supposed to alleviate ER use by covering clinic visits. True … but first you have to find a clinic that can take you:…

For helping lowering our high health care costs, and avoid unnecessary worry and stress, I thought this a good idea. Annual physicals have not been found to improve the quality or increase life spans.

Skip Your Annual Physical




That’s the key. It was never intended to succeed. The American people were Grubered into believing that this was a good bill, and they bought it hook, line, and sinker.


This was another thing that made me proud of my goddaughter. After graduating from college in only three years, she was offered a part time position so the employer could skip the group insurance and throw her into the exchanges. Her parents recently retired and are Medicare, so the coverage until age 26 under them was not an option. She was such a strong candidate that she was able to negotiate for a full time position with benefits and a far better and cheaper group insurance plan.

A “universal” plan that does not work for average young people is a failure and most young people know it. Why so many millennials can be counted on to vote for the party of death and disingenuity is beyond me.


So, Obama’s promises that premiums would go down by $2500 and that “if you like your insurance you can keep it” just go down the memory hole as if he never made them?


Funny how that works, isn’t it?


Obamacare is not a healthcare plan. It is not an insurance plan. It is a redistribution of income within the middle class. It costs massively more than it should for people in the upper brackets of the middle class, and provides huge subsidies for those in the lower brackets of the middle class. The very low earners get pushed into Medicaid.

As to the “upper bracket” people, a very large segment would be small business people who can’t afford group coverage for their employees. Because small business capital formation is reflected as “income” on tax returns, such people get to pay the highest cost.


Well, not everybody…:mad:

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