Obama administration considering strikes on Assad, again


Last Wednesday, at a Deputies Committee meeting at the White House, officials from the State Department, the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff discussed limited military strikes against the regime as a means of forcing Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad to pay a cost for his violations of the cease-fire, disrupt his ability to continue committing war crimes against civilians in Aleppo, and raise the pressure on the regime to come back to the negotiating table in a serious way.washingtonpost.com/news/josh-rogin/wp/2016/10/04/obama-administration-considering-strikes-on-assad-again/?hpid=hp_no-name_opinion-card-e%3Ahomepage%2Fstory


Which will only help extend the perpetual war in Syria and instability throughout the Middle East.

No wonder’s they hate us so much.

We do more harm than good



I very much doubt this will happen. If the Russkies let the U.S. know there are some Russian technicians at those facilities, and that Russia will take it very badly if any of them get killed, this administration will back off…and should.

This game is already over. Russia, Iran and Assad have a free hand in Syria other than as prevented by the (largely Sunni Islamist) anti-Assad forces or Turkey. The U.S. gave up any ability to control major outcomes a long time ago. It’s far too late to regain it.


Is the president threatening a new red line in the sand?


We had our chance when regular Syrians were protesting in Damascus in 2011. We blew it. We had no clue what our policy was towards Arab Spring countries and even ran multiple contradictory foreign policies concurrently. Amateurism at its finest.

Now we think we can airstrike our way out of this. :rolleyes:


‘Some’ Syrians were protesting, as is the case of protests in all countries worldwide.

The majority of Syrians support/ed Assad, a fact that seems to be overlooked continually.




I don’t see what gives the Americans the authority to bomb facilities of a legitimate government supported by a majority of the people?


Again, America’s detractors waffle of when America needs to be involved in other affairs. Helping with humanitarian aid is fine (though that violates the “its none of your business, America” motto too), Darfur is fine, peacekeeping missions seem fine (why, they are none of our business?), civil wars may or may not be fine - detractors seem inconsistent on that.

Perhaps a ten year period of every country caring for itself - militarily, food and aid packages, natural disasters, and more. Then we can see whether the world is better off, and if the US is really a cause for good or ill. I’d be curious, and we’d certainly save a lot of money and US lives.


You read my mind!


We had our chance and we blew it ? Maybe Russia had there chance when people were in the streets protesting the governments of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and didn’t get weapons to those people, so two vile regimes could be replaced.



A number of delegates walked out of a UN Security Council meeting to vote on two draft proposals on a ceasefire in Aleppo on Saturday, when Russia gave the floor to an envoy of the Syrian regime.

Saturday’s meeting saw Russia veto a French-drafted resolution calling for an immediate halt to air strikes on east Aleppo.


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