Obama administration delays part of employer mandate again


The Obama administration Monday delayed part of the Obamacare employer mandate in 2015 and beyond, the latest move to counter a torrent of criticism from the business community about the health law’s impact on employers.



So, five years after the law that was going to be so wonderful, it’s still going to be delayed.

A very disconcerting thing from the article:

“The shift is meant to “ease the transition to a 30-hour week,” a senior Treasury official said.”

My goodness, are they really intending that?


When oh when will we see this headline: OBAMACARE RESCINDED UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

God help us all. How much longer?



“The move will be welcome news to many employer groups, who have been arguing that the law encourages them to cut workers’ hours. It could also provide some cover for congressional Democrats, who have increasingly expressed concern over the issue.”

Huh? I don’t understand the connection. Are they saying that this delay is meant to help current employers shorten their work weeks? Or give them an opportunity to lengthen them again? I’m a dunderhead about economics.


Apparently administration spokesmen are trying to put lipstick on the CBO report that says some 2.6 million jobs will be lost due to Obamacare, because obamacare encourages people to go to shorter hours in order to get bigger subsidies. So the administration is saying “well, that’s a good thing. People will have more leisure”

Madness. Just madness.


Madness indeed,but I have to wonder of all these issues are unintended consequences,or by design?:eek:


Probably by design. The actuaries are still collecting data to establish future premiums among other things.


Obama doesn’t even believe in Obamacare.


While I would love a 30 hour work week, I don’t want a pay cut.


Healthcare is such a big issue at 16% of the economy and growing that it should have had a real debate with input from people who understood the issues. Rushing Obamacare through a one party government system with little thought for the consequences, no tort reform, and less than adequate concern for personal responsibility was a guaranteed failure. Lots of people knew it would be a failure but had no part in its design. The attack on religious liberty was just a happy afterthought for people who worship themselves and disrespect anyone who does not worship them.


Don’t worry. There will be a corresponding raise in minimum wage. :rolleyes:


When was this set to kick in?

I think they delayed it (again? I can’t keep track.) because they don’t want to lose Democratic seats in the mid-term election.

What has happened to our country?:crying:


The 99 % got as greedy as they perceived the 1% to be, and demanded their place at the trough.


The Ruling Party, of course, shortened the trough and poured most of the feed at the “1% end”. The Ruling Party thinks the voters will be fools endlessly, and they might be right about that. We’ll see later this year and in 2016 whether they are or not.


Yep,they must feel pretty confident that the electorate that continues to support them in spite of their abysmal performance,will buy this latest political manipulation…:rolleyes:


Yep,they must feel pretty confident that the electorate that continues to support them in spite of their abysmal performance,will buy this latest political manipulation

Sadly, they may be right.


LOL. Nice one

(In case anyone misunderstood, I was being sarcastic in my org post because I often work 40-50 hours a week and salaried). :stuck_out_tongue:


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